A Beginner’s Guide to Study at Pratt Institute

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A Beginner’s Guide to Study at Pratt Institute

Here's How You Can Study at Pratt Institute in USA

Pratt Institute is a global leader in higher education. It trains 5,000+ undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in Art, Design, Architecture, Computer Science, Information Technology, Humanities, Library Science, and Science. It is situated in a culturally significant area, with historic campuses in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Utica in the USA. Pratt also has a prestigious staff of accomplished professionals that push students to turn their passion into meaningful expression. The institute is renowned for offering various associate, bachelor’s, master’s degrees and certificate programs. If you wish to study at Pratt Institute, then read more!

University TypePrivate
Year of Establishment1887
No.of Campuses3
Application Fee$90 (INR 6626)
Application DeadlineNovember 1 (Fall Intake)
Academic CalendarSemester
Acceptance Rate60% 
% International Students34 %
2020 Endowment
$213.4 million
University Websitehttps://www.pratt.edu/ 

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Pratt Institute
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Overview of Pratt Institute 

Students who aspire to study at Pratt Institute must be aware of the history of this renowned institution. Charles Pratt, an American industrialist, founded Pratt Institute in 1887. Pratt, a firm believer in the transformative power of education, set out to make a college degree affordable to working men and women. When the college opened in 1887, it was one of the first in the country to accept students of every class, colour, or gender. Today, Pratt Institute welcomes international students from 78+ countries who are wanting to study in the USA and constitute 33% of the student population at the institute.

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Intakes at Pratt Institute 

Pratt Institute accepts applications for both the Fall and Spring intakes, with an admission rate of about 60%, making it a moderately selective institution in the USA. The following are the general admission deadlines for international students to study at Pratt Institute:

Fall Intake 

Fall 2022 Early Decision Deadline1 November 2021
Regular Decision Deadline5 January 2022
Final Decision Deadline5 April 2022

Spring Intake

Spring 2022 Early Decision Deadline1 September 2021
Standard Decision Deadline1 November 2021
Final Decision Deadline1 December 2021

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Cost of Study at Pratt Institute

This is one of the most important criteria for students who wish to study at Pratt Institute. The following is a breakdown of expenses at Pratt Institute in the form of an anticipated budget for international students interested in studying in the USA.

ExpensesAverage Undergraduate Cost ($)Average Graduate Cost ($)
Tuition Fee51,75444,328
Activity Fees1,010930
Technology Fee650650
Room & Board13,29426,022
Books & Supplies1,7501,750
Personal Expenses1,5001,500
Health Insurance400400
Total (Estimated Average)70,358 (INR 51.80 Lakhs)75,580 (INR 55.65 Lakhs)

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Pratt Degrees and Courses

Pratt Institute offers more than 25 undergraduate degree programmes and concentrations and more than 26 graduate degree programmes in its Schools of Art, Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Information.  Students can also enrol in dual-degree programmes at the institute. Students who want to study at Pratt Institute can choose from one of eight Advanced Certificate programmes in Art and Design Education, Archives, Museum Libraries, Museum Studies, Digital Humanities, Conservation and Digital Curation, Spatial Analysis and Design, and User Experience (UX). For overseas students, the institute also offers two full-time English as a Second Language (ESL) programmes focusing on the language of art, design, and architecture. Apart from this, Pratt also offers various online courses, non-degree and minor programmes to its students. 

Interested to study at Pratt Institute? Then let’s walk you through various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Pratt Institute:

School of Art


  • Art And Design Education B.F.A.
  • Art and Design Education B.F.A./M.A.
  • Digital Arts B.F.A.
  • Game Arts B.F.A.
  • Film B.F.A.
  • Fine Arts B.F.A.
  • Photography B.F.A.
  • Graphic Design/Illustration A.A.S.
  • Painting/Drawing A.A.S.
  • Game Design and Interactive Media A.O.S.
  • Graphic Design A.O.S.
  • Illustration A.O.S.


  • Art and Design Education ADV CRT
  • Art and Design Education (initial) M.A.
  • Art Therapy and Creativity Development M.P.S.
  • Arts and Cultural Management M.P.S.
  • Dance/Movement Therapy M.S.
  • Design Management M.P.S.
  • Digital Animation and Motion Arts M.F.A.
  • Digital Imaging M.F.A.
  • Fine Arts M.F.A.
  • Interactive Arts M.F.A.
  • Photography M.F.A.

School of Architecture


  • Architecture B. ARCH
  • Construction Management B.P.S.
  • Construction Management B.S.
  • Building and Construction A.A.S.


  • Architecture (first professional) M. ARCH
  • Architecture (post-professional) M.S.
  • Urban Design M.S.
  • City and Regional Planning M.S.
  • Facilities Management M.S.
  • Historic Preservation M.S.
  • Real Estate Practice M.S.
  • Sustainable Environmental Systems M.S.
  • Urban Placemaking and Management M.S.
  • Landscape Architecture M.L.A.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Art History B.A.
  • Critical and Visual Studies B.A.
  • History of Art and Design B.F.A.
  • Writing B.F.A.


  • History of Art and Design M.A.
  • Media Studies M.A.
  • Museum Studies ADV CRT
  • Writing M.F.A.
  • Performance and Performance Studies M.F.A.

School of Design


  • Communications Design B.F.A.
  • Fashion B.F.A.
  • Industrial Design B.I.D.
  • Interior Design B.F.A.


  • Communications Design M.F.A.
  • Industrial Design M.I.D.
  • Interior Design M.F.A
  • Packaging, Identities and Systems Design M.S.

School of Information


  • Library and Information Science M.S.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization M.S.
  • Information Experience Design M.S.
  • Museums and Digital Culture M.S.
  • Archives Certificate Program ADV CRT
  • Conservation and Digital CurationADV CRT
  • Digital Humanities ADV CRT
  • Museum Libraries ADV CRT
  • User Experience (UX) ADV CRT
  • Spatial Analysis and Design ADV CRT

Dual Degree Programs

  • Art And Design Education B.F.A./M.S.
  • Library and Information Science M.S.L.I.S. / History of Art and Design M.A.

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Admission Requirements at Pratt Institute

In order to study at Pratt Institute, students must keep in mind the following basic eligibility and admission requirements:

  • Students enrolling for undergraduate programs require SAT/ACT scores.
  • Students enrolling for postgraduate programs must require GRE scores.
  • Average GPA of 3.85 for entering students 
  • English Language Proficiency test scores: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo
  • All past copies of transcripts
  • Essays for submissions (if required)
  • SOP and LORs
  • Portfolio of work samples (if asked)
  • Resume/CV
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of finance 

Note: Students are required to apply online and submit all documents except portfolio (if required) using the college’s online application link. Portfolios (if required) must be uploaded at pratt.slideroom.com. All writing samples (if required) should be uploaded to the online application. All application materials are encouraged to be submitted by the application deadline.

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The college offers a variety of financial aid options for international students who wish to study at Pratt Institute. This includes various grants, loans, and scholarships. Scholarships can be applied for without filling out a separate application. The following are some of the more well-known scholarships available for international students to study at Pratt Institute:

  • Restricted/ Endowed Scholarships ($500 – $1,500): Departmental recommendations and academic achievements are used to award these scholarships. They are only given out once, and the number of scholarships given out changes depending on financial availability. (INR 36,787 – INR 1,10,363)
  • National Scholastic Scholarships ($500 – $1,500): This scholarship is only available to the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers awardees. The scholarships are renewable for four years. (INR 36,787 – INR 1,10,363)
  • Presidential Merit-Based Scholarship (amount varies): This scholarship is given based on the applicant’s GPA, portfolio, SAT/ACT scores, and other factors. It can be renewed as long as the student maintains a GPA of at least 2.5.

Campus Life and Accommodation

Students who study at Pratt Institute benefit from an exceptional learning environment that extends beyond the Pratt campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as one of the world’s multicultural epicentres. The college has 3 different campuses located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Utica. The main campus is located in Brooklyn which is around 25 acres in size. The Institute’s campus, located in Brooklyn’s historic Clinton Hill neighbourhood, is adjacent to the burgeoning Brooklyn Tech Triangle, a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Brooklyn Campus’ Athletic Centre houses a gym, various fitness facilities, and a dance studio. Both the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses feature massive libraries, college archives, and picture collections, among other things. 

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Having said that, according to a student survey, the institution is thought to have an exceptional faculty that enhances the educational experience by providing great instruction throughout a beautiful diversified culture.

Students who wish to Pratt Institute have access to various accommodation options. Pratt Institute maintains well furnished and top-class 6 residence halls and 13 townhouses accommodating approximately 1,700 students. 

Notable Alumni 

Pratt proudly boasts about its alumni that include some of the best illustrators, painters, artists, architects, writers, cartoonists, musicians and other renowned personalities from different fields of study. Some of the most popular names that are a part of the alumni network of Pratt Institute include:

  • Gautam Thapar (Indian Businessman)
  • Robert Mapplethorpe (American Photographer)
  • Ellsworth Kelly (American Painter)
  • William Van Alen (American Architect)
  • Jeremy Scott (American Fashion Designer)
  • Peter Zumthor (Swiss Architect)
  • Paul Rand (American Art Director)
  • Robert Redford (American Actor)
  • Norman Norell (American Fashion Designer)
  • Kadir Nelson (Illustrator)
  • Tomie dePaola (American Writer)

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