BA LLB Subjects

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BA LLB Subjects

BA LLB Subjects

BA LLB is one of the most comprehensive and all-round law degrees. It aims to build a sound understanding of legal notions and principles as well as the social, political and economic setting of the society. In the first year, BA LLB subjects include the Political System, Introductory Economics, Preliminary Psychology, Basic Sociology and the like. For eligibility, a student is required to have completed 12th standard with fairly high grades. But to be admitted into top colleges around the world, you need to ace the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) along with an English language qualification such as IELTS or TOEFL. In this blog, we will shed light on the major BA LLB subjects that you will be studying during the course.

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Course NameBachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB)
Education LevelIntegrated
Duration5 years
Eligibility10+2 & Qualify entrance exams like LSAT, CLAT, MH CET, etc.
Career ProspectsLawyer, Advocate, Solicitor, Legal Advisor, amongst others.

About BA LLB

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) is a bachelor’s level Administrative Law degree programme. Generally offered as a five-year integrated programme, the BA LLB encompasses an interdisciplinary study of Arts stream subjects such as Sociology, History, etc. along with the study of law and legislature. The BA LLB subjects also comprise of Civil Law, Corporate Law, Patent Law, Labour Law, International Law, Administrative Law, to name a few. Further, since it is a unique interdisciplinary degree, universities have designed it with a balanced combination of classroom learning as well as mock court drills, case studies, research work, law internships, etc.

BA LLB Syllabus

BA LLB syllabus mainly varies as per the programme variant and university. As a 5-year integrated degree programme, it covers varied interdisciplinary topics related to Law as well as Arts.

YearBA LLB Subjects
First YearLegal English and Communication Skills 
Law of Contract 
Legal Method
Business Law
Banking & Insurance Law
Code of Civil Procedure
Code of Criminal Procedure
Administrative Law
Corporate Law
Constitutional Law
Second YearLaw of Contract
Environmental Law
Election Law
Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
Forensic Law
Drafting and Pleading
English and Legal Language
Third YearWorld History
International Trade Law
Women & Law
Labour Laws
Law and Technology
Indirect Taxes
Poverty Law
International Refugee Law
Property and Security Law
Family Law
Fourth YearLaw of Crimes
Public Finance
Emerging Areas in the law of Evidence
Method of Proof of Facts
Administrative Law
Liberalization and Globalization
Supreme Court Visits
Viva and Summer Internship
Fifth YearInitial Steps in a Suit
Concept of ADR
Corporate Law
Code of Civil Procedure
Property Law
Investment and Competition Law
Environmental Studies and Environmental Law
Interim Orders
Arbitration and Conciliation
International Perspective
Negotiation & Meditation
Comprehensive Viva

Note: The aforementioned semester-wise breakdown is only for indicative purposes. The course structure, semester-wise topics and course offerings will differ as per the programme, university and country you are pursuing it from.

BA LLB Subjects

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law, you will be exploring the different types of Laws and in the context of the different legal systems in the world. The following are the chief BA LLB subjects that concentrate on providing a complete understanding of laws and regulations of a country as well as the world.

  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Contracts
  • Legal Psychology
  • Maritime Law
  • Agricultural and Food Regulations
  • Cyber Law
  • Legal Writing and Research
  • Private and Public International Law
  • Transnational Laws
  • Laws on Banking and Insurance Jurisprudence
  • Labour Law and Employment Law
  • Advocacy and Communication Skills Torts
  • Political Science
  • Energy and Land Laws
  • Poverty and Development
  • Family Law

BA LLB Subjects in Detail

Now that you are familiar with the major BA LLB subjects, let us try to understand some of them comprehensively so that it becomes easier for you to build a successful career in Law.

Environmental Law

With the earth’s atmosphere being extremely disturbed in the last century, lawyers and environmentalists have stressed on the importance of the implementation of legal protection to the environment. You will study current legislation on environmental protection, climate change, the ‘polluter pays’ principle waste disposal and management laws, effluent disposal, harmful waste management, electronic waste, etc. If you become well-versed in environmental law, you can also choose to build it as a future career.

Intellectual Property Law

This branch of law aims to protect creative inventions and discoveries by a person from unfair usage and propagation. On the other side, it also considers the interest of the public in cases like life-saving drugs and agricultural produce. You will study intricacies in copyrights, trademarks, patents and licenses and how they work towards giving the creators their due without sacrificing the larger interests of the community.

Psychology and Law or Legal Psychology

This is one of the most intriguing BA LLB subjects in our list. Legal psychology is a fairly upcoming field of interest spearheaded by psychologists, who carried interest in the law or lawyers who wanted to look into human behaviour. A career in legal psychology usually revolves around but is not limited to clinical psychology, criminal research, public policy, and forensic psychology. 

Constitutional Law

Amongst the most important avenues of the legal sphere of a country, constitutional law involves the study and interpretation of the various articles, sections, doctrines, and bylaws of the constitution. It also requires understanding and finding the right balance between the words and the spirit of the constitutional body of rules. If the constitution interests you and you are passionate about the difference it can make to lives, you can go ahead and make a career in this field.


Contractual laws are a crucial part of the requisite BA LLB subjects that Departments of Law offer. When disputes and altercations between parties reach a certain stage of impasse, legal practitioners take the help of the contract act. It delineates what amounts to a sound contract, a valid offer and acceptance, and the other requirements for a contract to be legally enforceable. This subject will serve as a foundation if you want to work in corporations as a corporate law expert.

Criminal Law

Criminal law practitioners are at the epicentre of criminal offence occurrences, fixing offence charges, trial processes, and other relevant processes. Essentially, it helps in the protection of society to be largely just and fair. Criminal code systems throughout the world differ to a certain degree and need to be interpreted according to the country setting. 

Corporate Law

Businesses and corporations are subject to a different set of codes called corporate law. It defines their jurisdictions, inception, management and winding up along with various other topics. Common cases involve their liability, share issue and frauds, management issues and investor issues. Companies hire corporate lawyers to ensure that they work within the ambit of their respective country’s corporate law. It has become a notable attraction, especially in the past two decades.

Human Rights Laws

Human rights lawyers and scholars have redefined ‘human rights’ as not just bare human survival but a host of rights that include right to livelihood, political rights, right to environmental well being, social and cultural and so on. This is generally offered as an elective to the compulsory BA LLB subjects. By making it your major you can get involved in working with transnational organisations like the United Nations and Amnesty International.

BA LLB Books

Here are the major BA LLB books:

  • Law of Contract by Ansons
  • Law of Torts by RK Bangia
  • Criminal Law I by PSA Pillai
  • Indian Contract and Specified Relief Act by Polluck and Mullah
  • Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning for the CLAT and LLB Examinations: A. P. Bhardwaj
  • Outlines of Indian Legal and Constitutional History
  • Eastern Book Company’s Jurisprudence & Legal Theory by V. D. Mahajan for BSL & LL.B Students
  • Constitutional Law of India: A Critical Commentary
  • The Nature of the Judicial Process

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain prerequisites for BA LLB courses that differ as per the programme variant as well as the university. It is important to check the eligibility requirements of your chosen course and university before starting the application process to make sure that that you have the required documents and are qualified to pursue the course. Before exploring the varied BA LLB subjects, let’s take a quick look at the general eligibility requirements for this course:

  • The applicant must have completed 10+2 from a recognised board of education and along with the minimum marks specified by the university.
  • The applicant must provide scores of Law entrance exams like LSAT, LNAT, CLAT, ILSAT, MHCET, TS LAWCET, AP LAWCET, amongst others.
  • If you are aiming to apply for BA LLB abroad, then you must also provide language proficiency test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. along with an SOP and LORs.

BA LLB Entrance Exams

Here are the law entrance exams in India for BA LLB:

These BA LLB entrance exams mainly focus on Legal Aptitude, English Comprehension, Maths and General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Here are some of the best preparation books for these BA LLB entrance exams:

  • Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal
  • Quantitative Aptitude by N.K.Singh by Upkar Prakashan
  • The Pearson Guide to the CLAT by Pearson
  • Self Study Guide for LLB Entrance Examination 2021 by Arihant Publications

Top Universities Offering BA LLB & its Variants

Getting a law degree from a globally renowned university can broaden your career horizons and equip you with an international exposure in the field of law! There are numerous law schools across the globe that offer BA LLB programmes and its variants and some of the top law universities abroad have been given a rundown below:

BA LLB Scope

While most of the students opt for higher studies, BA LLB offers various career opportunities to students across diverse sectors. Here are the major job profiles you can pursue after BA LLB:

  • Assistant Lawyer
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Associate
  • Litigator
  • Advocate
  • Paralegal
  • Notary

You can also appear for Indian Civil Services, State Legal Services, and Public Service Commission Entrance exams after BA LLB. The average salary after BA LLB is around 3 Lakhs INR to 7 Lakhs INR varying as per the career profile and organisation you are working with.


Is Maths compulsory for BA LLB? 

Mathematics is not one of the core BA LLB subjects. However some colleges do have it in their list of elective subjects. If you want to pursue learning maths you can opt it as one of your elective subjects. 

How many subjects are there in BA LLB? 

BA LLB is a 5 year duration course, which means that there are 10 semesters. During the entire period of the course you may study subjects like women and child, Consumer protection law, law of crimes, jurisprudence, civil procedure code, legal language, property law, Corporate Law etc.

Is CLAT compulsory for BA LLB? 

Many recognised universities admit candidates in BA LLB course by examining their CLAT score. Whereas there are some private institutions which organise their independent entrance examinations for or BA LLB. 

Which stream is best for LLB? 

Applications belonging to any field are open to pursuing LLB or BA LLB, provided that they have qualified the entrance examination. However, it is advised that students who have pursued Humanities find it easy to create a better grip over the BA LLB subjects due to their pre existing knowledge in the field.

Which Law course is best? 

Law is a broad field career field and comprises numerous courses. Here is a list of popular law courses- 
Diploma in Law 
Diploma in Human Rights
Doctor of Jurisprudence, etc

While you now have a better idea of what constitutes a career in law, it is normal to feel confused about which direction to take. Especially when there are so many lucrative BA LLB subjects, but you don’t have to be confused. Let the Leverage Edu experts guide you in finding an ideal course or specialization that is best suited for your strengths so that you can come to an informed decision. 

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