Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

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Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most historic universities such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. A sizeable portion of students that enter these universities every year come from across the world with hopes to realize their dream career in the beaming cities of UK like London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. These cities have the world’s top-notch universities but the cost of studying and living cost in UK for international students is high. This article seeks to ease your financial decisions while pursuing higher studies in the UK so that you won’t be spending every morning there calculating expenses and costs. Is it actually a good idea to study in the UK? Let’s take a closer look at the cost of studying in UK for Indian students

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Cost of Living in UK for International Students

While the cost of living anywhere in the world depends on your personal choices, the cost of living in UK is calculated in the city you reside in. it is difficult to come to an absolute value of the cost which will be spent, but we can arrive at an estimated living cost. It is tabulated below.

Kind of ExpenseCost in GBP and INR
Fees for Visa Application348 GBP (INR 35,834)
Housing 500 GBP (INR 51,486) monthly
Transportation 150-200 GBP (INR 15,445 to INR 19,844) monthly
Food150-200 GBP (INR 14,883 to INR 20,594) monthly
Clothing and Leisure50 GBP (INR 5,148) monthly
Telephone and Mobile 50 GBP (INR 5,148) monthly

Important Elements of Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

There are some crucial elements that you need to know and plan once you get an offer. These elements include tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs. Let’s explore these costs further in detail:

Cost of Studying in UKCost in INR & GBP
Tuition FeesUndergraduate: £8000 – £30000 (₹7,10,000-₹27,00,000)
Postgraduate: £12000 -£35000 (₹10,70,000-₹31,00,000
Tier 4 Visa£1015 (₹90,000) per month as proof of sufficient funds
Accommodation£350 to £550 (₹31000 – ₹49000) per month
Travel£40 (INR 3,970) monthly
Miscellaneous£500 (50,740 INR) monthly

Tuition Fees 

Tuition fees constitute a major part of the cost of studying in UK for Indian students. Tuition fees for undergraduate courses can easily range from £8000 to £9000 (₹7,10,000 – ₹8,00,000) with the upper limit going as high as £30000 (₹27,00,000) according to the university, course demand, and reputation, university location, etc. For example, LSE overseas undergraduate fees in 2020 is £21,570 (₹16,90,589) for the first year. Tuition fees for postgraduate courses tend to be costlier when you consider MBA, engineering and clinical degrees. Courses in arts cost relatively less. Overseas fees range from £12000 to £15000 (₹10,70,000 – ₹13,00,000) and up to £35000 (₹31,00,000). 

S.No.Study ProgramAverage fee in GBP
1.Undergraduate bachelor program GBP 7,000 to GBP 20,000 
2.Postgraduate master’s program GBP 10,000 to GBP 25,000
3.Doctoral program GBP 15,000 to GBP 30,000

Note: The aforementioned costs are only indicative. Actual tuition fees can vary as per the course and university.

Cost for Undergraduate Courses.

The following table represents the average fees for various UG courses in UK.

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)
Engineering 16 lakhs-22 lakhs  
Arts 10-15 lakhs
Medicine Courses 30-40 Lakhs
Nursing Courses 15-18 lakhs
Dentistry 30-35 lakhs
Law 15-18 lakhs
Diploma Courses10-15 lakhs 

Cost for Postgraduate Courses

Given below is the average fees for various PG courses in UK.

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)
Engineering 14-20 Lakhs
Arts 10-15 Lakhs
Doctoral Degree14-18 Lakhs
MBA10-40 Lakhs
Management Courses 9-35 Lakhs
Medicine Courses 25-35 Lakhs
Dentistry 20-30 Lakhs
Law13-35 Lakhs

Tier 4 Visa Costs

Another cost of studying in UK for Indian students is the Tier 4 Visa Costs. An Indian student needs a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. Visa requirements demand that tuition fees for the 1st academic year must either be paid in full or evidence be submitted proving that you have sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees of the 1st year. This increases the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students. Along with that, you need to submit documents to prove that you have funds amounting to 9 months worth of living costs. You need to show that you can adequately pay £1015 (₹90,000) per month if living outside London or £1265 (₹1,20,000) per month if living in London over a period of 9 months.

Living Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

The monthly cost of living spans anywhere between £1100 to £1400 (₹98,000 – ₹1,21,000) depending on your choice of place and other factors. Make sure to set aside at least £11000 to £15000 (₹9,75,000 – ₹13,28,000) as part of your yearly living costs. Below is a detailed overview of the living costs:


Accommodation is another important element that contributes hugely towards increasing the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students.

  • University Accommodation: Most universities offer campus accommodation or discounted housing for international students. You can get this free as a part of your offer or with additional charges. Generally, university residence halls are the best and cheapest options.
  • Private Accommodation: If you choose to live in a private residence, search for accommodations that are closer to your university location. Generally, in  £350 to £550 (₹31000 – ₹49000) per month, you will find a decent place to live and study. These prices can vary in different cities in the UK with London being the most expensive.


Subways are the cheapest way to travel in and around the UK. Tube in London has a vast network with affordable charges. There are several student discounts to make travelling costs affordable. 

  • For Short Distance: Tubes, regional trains as well as buses are easily available. It is most financially viable if you get a monthly pass made for tube trains of buses. If you are to hire a taxi, it is best to make sure that it is running on the meter. In the situation where the meter is not working it is best to agree on an amount beforehand to avoid any confusion.
  • For Long Distance: If you wish to travel a long distance, that is, from one city to another, it is best to avail any of the following options –
    • Railways
    • Air
    • An intercity bus


Services like electricity, water, gas, etc. or other essential utilities cost around £50 to £120 (₹4,500 – ₹11,000) per month. Following are the lists of utilities and daily/monthly essentials that are required:

  • Bills (electricity/ gas/ water)
  • Mobile phones
  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • Food and housekeeping
  • Books and stationery
  • Transportation, etc.

Food Costs

Costs of food can be minimized to save money. You can spend close to £80 to £100 (₹7100 – ₹8900) per month if you cook at home or close to £250 (₹20,000) /month if you go for ordering food or eating outside.

Social Activities

Activities like recreation and fun can cost you around £50-£250 (₹4,500 – ₹23,000) per month.

Cost of Studying in UK: Taxes and Insurance

Part-time jobs are the best way to manage the daily living cost in UK for international students. All Indian students studying in UK are given the opportunity to work for 20 hours a week. This is while their academic sessions are going on. It changes to full time during vacations.

However, if you get a job in UK while you are still completing your studies, you will be liable to pay national insurance and tax.

  • National Insurance: You are liable to pay the National Insurance if you earn more than 166 pounds a week. (INR 16,458)
  • Income Tax: You are liable to pay income tax if you earn more than 1,042 pounds a week. (INR 1,03,300)

You need to be insured as a student for which you have to pay a monthly premium of around £15 to £25 (₹1,400 – ₹2,300). Other personal expenses include study equipment, books, clothes, hygiene, etc. which will cost around £100 (₹8,900) per month.

Important Note: The aforementioned costs of living and studying are only rough estimates and average expenses. Actual costs and conversion rates might differ as per different factors.

UK Scholarships for Indian Students

There are an array of scholarships for Indian students to study in UK which you must explore to fund your higher studies there. To help you finance the cost of studying in UK and helps you meet the daily living cost in UK, here are the best scholarships you must know about:

  • Chevening Scholarships offered by the UK government to international students planning to pursue master’s degree programs at the leading universities in the country.
  • UK University Scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge, University College London, King’s College London, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, etc.
  • Erasmus Mundus by the European Union for those selected for the European master’s degree by EU.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan for one-year master’s courses as well as a doctoral degree of three to four years in the UK.
  • Charles Wallace Scholarships by the British Council
  • Euraxess UK by the British Council
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Castlesmart Scholarships for undergraduate students from all nationalities
  • Saltire Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

Budgeting Tips to Manage Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students

Here are some tips for covering the living cost in UK for international students. Firstly, prepare a budget for all your expenses. When your loan money or funding/scholarship amount gets credited, do not spend it all at once. Here are some useful budgeting tips to save money while studying in the UK:

  • Work part-time jobs in your spare time.
  • Use public transport while travelling. They are cheap and will connect you to faraway places as well.
  • Renting vehicles like two-wheelers or a cycle is always better than buying them.


Is studying in UK good for Indian students?

The United Kingdom is revered to have the best education system in the world. the country is home to the top and the oldest universities in English academia.

Is UK expensive than Canada?

Comparing tuition fees and cost of living, UK is much more expensive that Canada.

Can Indian students study in UK for free?

There are no universities in the UK that provide free education. However, you can check out the various scholarships which offer tuition fee waivers for eligible students.

Living abroad can be challenging because you have to consistently consider costs. The cost of studying in UK for Indian students is an important concern that requires proper research and comparison especially in matters of accommodation and rent. The living cost in UK for international students can be high and difficult to cover. If you are struggling to see how you can manage expenses in the UK, experts at Leverage Edu can assist you in finding economical accommodation and planning a budget as well as help you look at scholarship opportunities.

The post Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students appeared first on Leverage Edu.