Creative Writing Courses in Canada

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Creative Writing Courses in Canada

Creative Writing Courses in Canada

As the name suggests, creative writing is a style where creativity is at the forefront and the imagination and aesthetic of the writer flows with each written word. Highly artistic individuals with an ability to connect to people through their writing, opt for this unique career path that offers a wide range of specializations. Creative writing goes beyond the bounds of academic and technical writing. It is a medium to express your feelings by jotting them down on the pages and complex subtleties of emotions related to it. The wide range of creative writing courses in Canada allows the aspirant to be well-versed with different composing styles and literary devices and reach great heights in the realm of writing.

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Why Study Creative Writing in Canada?

  • Canada is an excellent destination for pursuing creative writing programs as its home to big publishing companies like HarperCollins Canada, Penguin Random House Canada, Dundurn Press, and Scholastic Canada.
  • The federal government in Canada has reported a tremendous increase in job opportunities in industries like marketing, digital marketing, and content development despite the ongoing COVID- pandemic making creative writing and copywriting an important skill.
  • Studying creative writing courses in Canada is also the gateway to getting a post-study work visa and eventually permanent residency in the country. Students who have completed their degrees in Canada can stay back in the country and join the Canadian economic force. 

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List of Creative Writing Courses in Canada

  • Bachelor of Arts in English literature – Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program
  • Master of Art with Creative Writing, Literature, and Language 
  • Masters of Art in Creative Writing and English
  • Ontario Graduate Certificate in Content Strategy
  • Master of Fine Arts in Writing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing 

Types of Creative Writing Courses in Canada

Bachelor’s degree (3-4 years, full-time)

Students who have a passion for writing and wish to study in Canada, and learn more about the creative industry are highly recommended to pursue this course. This course introduces you to the world of writing that is different from technical writing. The curriculum puts special emphasis on the area of poetry, films, essays, fiction, novels, and other writing genres. The students learn the basic skills required for writing and learn to put their creative tools to use and have a successful career in the field.

Master’s degree (1-2 years, full-time)

Another popular creative writing course in Canada is Masters. A Master’s degree in creative writing is a type of post-graduate degree that students usually aim for after completing their undergraduate degree. This course allows you to delve deeper into the aspects of literature writing by incorporated all the aspects of writing, from grammar and vocabulary to major areas like literary analysis, plot development, etc. After completing this course, the students acquire a deeper insight into the creation of novels, poems, film writing, etc. It offers a wide range of specializations to choose from. These include playwriting, comedy writing, fiction and non- fiction, and many more!

Certificate Course, University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers a creative writing certification program in online mode. This creative writing course in Canada is a 200-hour certificate course that allows you to hone your core skills in creative writing. It will provide you with knowledge about various aspects of writing that include editing, proofreading and help you further in content development in various genres. You receive extensive training and professional mentorship throughout the program and prepare you for becoming a published writer. After the completion of the course, you receive a globally recognized certificate that revamps your resume and opens up more job prospects in the field of creative writing.

Top Colleges for Creative Writing Courses in Canada

Undergraduate level

CollegeCourseAnnual Fees
Trent UniversityBachelor of Art in English Literature- Creative WritingINR 60,00,000
OCAD UniversityBachelor of Arts in Creative WritingINR 70,00,000
Concordia UniversityBachelor of Arts in Creative WritingINR 50,00,000
University of VictoriaBachelor of  Arts in WritingINR 60,00,000
University of New BrunswickBachelor of Arts in English- Creative WritingINR 50,00,000

Postgraduate level

CollegeCourseAnnual Fees
University of British ColumbiaMaster of Fine Arts in Creative WritingINR 10,00,000-11,00,000
University of British ColumbiaMaster in Fine ArtsINR 5,42,045
University of British ColumbiaFilm Production and Creative WritingINR 5,42,045
University of New BrunswickMaster of Arts in English – creative writingINR 18,00,000-19,00,000
University of VictoriaMasters of Fine Arts in writingINR 6,00,000-7,00,000
Humber CollegePG Certificate in Professional Writing and CommunicationsINR 9,42,500
University of TorontoMasters of Art in English- creative writingINR 20,00,000-25,00,000
Concordia UniversityMasters of Art in English- creative writingINR 25,00,000

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to get into creative writing courses in Canada varies depending on course, university, level of degree, etc., but one of the most important prerequisites is your portfolio. To establish your reputation as a worthy writer, students are recommended to build a portfolio that includes samples of their best works.

Other than your portfolio, to be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree, diploma(high school) or advanced diploma in English or other relevant field.
  • Students have to submit score of English Language Proficiency tests like- IELTS (minimum score of 6.5-7.5), TOEFL (minimum score 90)
  • Students maybe required to submit a writing piece along with a personal essay, statement of purpose, and recommendation letters.

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Cost of Studying Creative Writing Courses in Canada

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When it comes to studying abroad, Canada is comparatively more affordable than other international destinations. Still, there are a lot of expenses that need to be kept in mind while you plan on studying creative writing courses in Canada. The budget should be planned in accordance with the pre-arrival cost and the cost of living after arriving. The following table gives a brief overview of the broad expenses covered through the entire process of applying to study creative writing in Canada.

Pre-Arrival Costs

English Proficiency Test
IELTS/TOEFL (one-time)

INR 14,000
Application feesINR 6,000-10,000
Visa fees (one time)INR 12,000 approx.
Purchase of GIC (one time)INR 5,50,000
AirfareINR 1,00,000 approx.
Study permitINR 8000
Health insurance (one year)INR 50,000

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Cost of Living (One-Year)

Tuition fees Depends on the university (refer to the table in ‘top colleges for creative writing courses in Canada’)
Accommodation INR 5-7 lakhs
Food and beveragesINR 2,00,000 approx.
Travel expensesINR 50,000-60,000
Books and study materialINR 50,000-1,00,000
Personal expensesINR 1,00,000 approx.

Career Scope 

The career scope for creative writing courses in Canada is vast. Students with experience and determination can find a diverse range of job profiles in creative writing, marketing, publishing, entertainment, and freelancing. Here are some job profiles to explore after creative writing courses:

If you are an individual looking to hone your writing skills and acquire the power to absorb the readers’ attention through your writing, pursuing creative writing courses in Canada is the best path for you! Know about the best-fit university and course that you can pursue in Canada with the help of our AI Course Finder. Sign up for a free session with our counselors at Leverage Edu today!

The post Creative Writing Courses in Canada appeared first on Leverage Edu.