Eligibility for MBA in Canada

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Eligibility for MBA in Canada

Eligibility for MBA in Canada

Are you someone who is planning to pursue an MBA in Canada? When you’re looking at universities and courses for admissions abroad, it is important for you to analyze the eligibility criteria for the respective university and course. The process of admission for an MBA can be a taxing process that requires a lot of pre-planning. There are numerous documents that need to be in place before you can apply. Since an MBA degree is a professional and sought-after course there are specific eligibility criteria for it that require your attention and detail. We realize that there are quite a few things you need to take care of while applying, so we’ve curated all the information you will need about the eligibility for MBA in Canada.

Why Study MBA in Canada

Canada is home to numerous universities that rank among the top 10 Business Schools in the world. With unique amenities, Canada is among the top choice for Indian students to pursue a career and also paves their way for getting Permanent residency (PR) and citizenship. Here are a few reasons to study MBA in Canada.

  • Affordable Fees and Cost of Living: Being a country with publicly funded higher education, the MBA degree programs are known for their high quality at affordable fees. MBA courses in Canada are much cheaper as compared to the USA, UK etc. Apart from the academic fees, Canada also has lower costs of living expenses in comparison with other countries. 
  • Work Opportunities: With emerging careers and newer projects being undertaken, Canada has numerous job opportunities in the fields of Business, Management, Accounting, etc. 
  • Quality Education: Canada has been globally acclaimed for its MBA programs, teaching methods and other research facilities. The country leaves no stone unturned for providing students with the best education with advanced facilities, laboratories, and course curriculum. This helps students develop unique skills alongside analytics skills required for business and management.

General Eligibility for MBA in Canada

There are certain eligibility requirements that are constant throughout universities in Canada when you apply for an MBA. Here are the general requirements to study MBA in Canada:

  • You must possess a BACHELOR’S DEGREE OR ITS EQUIVALENT in any area of discipline from a university that is recognized.
  • Since an MBA is a professional degree that intends to impart practical and experiential learning to students, having relevant WORK EXPERIENCE will give you an edge over other applicants. Though having work experience is not mandatory, it has been found that those who possess good work experience tend to get selected more often.
  • A good GMAT SCORE is mandatory for your admission into a top business school in Canada. An above-average GMAT score usually takes precedence over all other aspects when applying for an MBA.
  • As an Indian student applying for an MBA in Canada, you also need to get a decent score in IELTS, TOEFL OR PTE so as to attain admittance in a good college. 

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Documents Required

Here is the list of documents that you must have before applying for an MBA in Canada:

  1. All academic records and transcripts
  2. Score card of proficiency exams
  3. Bank statement
  4. Work experience proof (if any)
  5. Letter of recommendation (at least t 2)
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. MBA Essays (if asked)
  8. Updated CV/Resume
  9. Photographs
  10. Visa

PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit)  

As an international student studying in Canada, you might want to stay in the country after the completion of your degree. If you have completed your MBA degree from a university approved by the Government of Canada, you will be eligible for a PGWP (Post- Graduation Work Permit)

If you are pursuing an MBA program that lasts for 2 years, you can stay for an extra year after the completion of your course. If you are pursuing an MBA program that lasts between 8 months and 2 years, you are eligible to stay only for the duration of the program.

There is also the option of applying for permanent residency in Canada for students who have completed the course through the Express Entry Program.

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Top Scholarships for MBA in Canada

Listed below for your reference are the various scholarships available for students to pursue their MBA in Canada. 

  1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  2. University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship
  3. Go Clean Scholarship
  4. Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC etc. Candidates
  5. Hani Zeini Scholarship
  6. Haskayne School of Business MBA in Canada Scholarships
  7. Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada
  8. Alberta MBA Scholarships
  9. Sauder School of Business Scholarship
  10. Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships

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MBA in Canada Study Duration

The majority of MBA programs in Canada are 1.5- 2 years long, but some MBA programs can be completed in as little as 12-18 months. Accelerated MBA programs are what they’re called. However, renowned B-Schools such as Thompson Rivers University, Ted Rogers School of Management, Faculty of the Business University of Manitoba, Ivey MBA Program at McMaster University in Canada, and others offer students the option of completing their MBA program in a single year. Students who are employed and unable to devote two years to complete their MBA degree should consider one-year MBA programs.

MBA Colleges in Canada

Here are some of the top universities for MBA courses in Canada:

Top MBA CollegesUniversityQS MBA Rankings 2021MBA Courses in CanadaAverage Duration of MBA course
Rotman School of ManagementUniversity of Toronto45Brand Management
Investment Banking
Management Analytics
Real Estate
Health Sector Management
2 years
Desautels Faculty of ManagementMcGill University59General
Executive MBA
12-20 months 
Smith School of BusinessQueen’s University66MBA+JD
Digital Transformation
Sales and Marketing
MBA + Master of Finance
1 year
Ivey Business SchoolUniversity of Western Ontario69International Management
1 year
Schulich School BusinessYork University=88Business Consulting
Strategic Management
Global Mining Management
16-20 months
Sauder School of BusinessThe University of British Columbia94Finance
Product & Service Management
Technology & Analytics Leadership
16 months
Alberta School of BusinessUniversity of Alberta101-110Energy Finance
Strategy and Consulting
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
20 months
John Molson School of BusinessConcordia University121-130Marketing
Supply Chain
16 months
Department of BusinessHEC Montreal141-150EMBA
Full-time MBA
Part-time MBA
1 year
Rowe School of BusinessDalhousie University
151-200Corporate Residency, Financial Services, Leadership, Dal MBA, 
Online/Blended MBA
1 year

MBA Fees in Canada

Business SchoolUniversityTuition Fee in CAD
Rotman School of ManagementUniversity of Toronto55,000 (INR 32,54,890)- 56,000 (INR 33,14,070)
Desautels Faculty of ManagementMcGill University43,000 (INR 25,44,730)- 44,000 (INR 26,03,910)
Smith School of BusinessQueen’s University89,000 (INR 52,67,000)- 90,000 (INR 53,26,180)
Ivey Business SchoolUniversity of Western Ontario1,10,000 (INR 65,09,780)
Schulich School BusinessYork University48,000 (INR 28,40,630)- 50,000 (INR 29,58,990)
Sauder School of BusinessThe University of British Columbia58,500 (INR 34,62,020)- 60,000 (INR 35,50,790)
Alberta School of BusinessUniversity of Alberta20,000 (INR 11,83,590)- 22,000 (INR 13,01,950)
John Molson School of BusinessConcordia University38,000 (INR 22,48,830)- 40,000 (INR 23,67,190)
Department of BusinessHEC Montreal45,000 (INR 26,63,090)- 47,000 (INR 27,81,450)
Rowe School of BusinessDalhousie University40,000 (INR 23,67,190)- 42,000 (INR 24,85,550)

Eligibility for MBA in Canada: Exams Required

Here is a list of all the exams that are accepted across top B-Schools for eligibility for MBA in Canada. Have a look:

Top MBA CollegesUniversitiesExams Required for Eligibility for MBA in Canada
Rotman School of ManagementUniversity of TorontoTOEFL/ IELTS, GMAT/ GRE 
Desautels Faculty of ManagementMcGill UniversityTOEFL/ IELTS, GMAT/ GRE 
Smith School of BusinessQueen’s UniversityTOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE, GMAT/ GRE 
Ivey Business SchoolUniversity of Western OntarioTOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE, GMAT/ GRE 
Schulich School BusinessYork UniversityTOEFL/ IELTS, GMAT/ GRE 
Sauder School of BusinessThe University of British ColumbiaTOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE, GMAT/ GRE 
Alberta School of BusinessUniversity of AlbertaTOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE, GMAT/ GRE 
John Molson School of BusinessConcordia UniversityTOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE, GMAT
Department of BusinessHEC MontrealTOEFL/ IELTS, GMAT/ GRE 
Rowe School of BusinessDalhousie University

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MBA in Canada without GMAT

There is a varied range of MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT and conduct their admission process focusing on other alternatives such as GRE scores, work experience, academic records, etc. Here are the MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT:

MBA in Canada without Work Experience

There are many colleges and universities that offer MBA without work experience in Canada.

Here are the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada without work experience:

Application Process 

For applying for an MBA in Canada, students must begin the application process at least 1-2 years prior. This gives the applicant time to prepare for their GMAT and IELTS exams and score well in these tests. The following steps can help you layout your study plan for applying for MBA in Canada.

  • Appear for your entrance tests that are common for all universities like TOEFL/ IELTS, GMAT/ GRE.
  • Research thoroughly about universities, their criteria, accommodation facilities according to your finances.
  • Check for scholarships based on your country or merit and apply for the best-suited program.
  • Draft your Statement of Purpose/Personal Essays/Resumes.
  • Check all necessary documents and start applying for the MBA program at the selected universities.
  • If selected, prepare for your interview.
  • Notify the university where you wish to pursue your course and acknowledge the acceptance letter. 
  • Pay the fee and you will receive confirmation of enrolment.
  • Apply for a Canadian Student Visa.


What are the requirements for MBA in Canada?

Some of the basic requirements for getting admission in MBA programs are:
Bachelor’s degree
Work experience
English Language Proficiency

Is Indian MBA valid in Canada?

You’ve probably heard people recommend WES (World Education Services) for ECA, especially in India. However, if you have an MBA from India, you should not choose WES. They’ll call it a ‘One year Postgraduate certificate’ instead of a ‘Master’s degree’ in Canada.

Can I do MBA in Canada without work experience?

The majority of Canada’s best business schools need a minimum of 2-3 years of professional experience. However, several Canadian business schools offer MBA programs to students who have no prior work experience. Is it possible to get an MBA without working? Yes, an MBA can be obtained without any prior work experience.

Is it easy to get a job in Canada after MBA?

For foreign students, Canada has a fantastic system that allows them to obtain a work visa far more quickly than in other countries. MBA students can get a work visa for up to three years after graduation, and foreign students can become permanent residents in some cases.

Is MBA in demand in Canada?

Canada has a rising job demand for MBA professionals and provides world-class business education. Finance and consulting jobs are more common among international students because they have a higher employment rate.

Is MBA worth it in Canada?

It’s certainly a good choice if you do it from a good / higher rated respectable public university, as Canada’s economy is much better, and best of all, after completing a 2 year MBA, you’ll be qualified for a 3 year open work permit, making your path to Permanent Residency much easier.

While there are a number of advantages in completing your MBA from Canada, it is not easy to get admitted to the universities there. Still, there is no need to stress out over it. With the help of Leverage Edu mentors and counsellors, the admission process can be effectively tailored to your requirements so that the burden of going through needless pages of data is taken care of. They can help you fulfil the eligibility for MBA in Canada so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of studying in your preferred business school.

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