How to Apply for Australia Visa: A Step by Step Guide

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How to Apply for Australia Visa: A Step by Step Guide

How to Apply for Australia Visa

For people who wish to explore abroad, Australia is the most desirable country. The country offers plenty of options to the people who want to study, work, or settle. If you want to come to Australia, you must first obtain an Australian Visa, which permits you to lawfully enter the nation. Individuals who obtain an Australian Visa are able to reside in Australia and enjoy the same privileges as an Australian. Holders of an Australian Visa are also entitled to seek citizenship when a set period of time has passed. But the real question is how to apply for this Visa? Here’s a complete guide on Australian Visa with the requirements, fees, processing time, application process and more! 

What is an Australian Visa?

An Australian Visa is a permit that authorises you to visit Australia for a specific duration. Unlike most other countries, Australia does not stamp or label your passport with Visa stamps or labels. Instead, your Visa rights are stored digitally on an internet database, and an immigration department will verify the database to see if you have a Visa when you arrive in Australia.

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Study in Australia Visa Requirements

Following are the Visa requirements for the students looking forward to pursuing their educational career in Australia: 

  • Australian Visa for students falls under subclass 500
  • You must be registered with a full-time course of study
  • The course you wish to pursue from the university; it must be registered with the Australian government and Commonwealth Register for Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). 
  • Certificate of Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • Statement of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) to ensure you are only here for study purposes and not to settle down
  • Scores of English proficiency tests
  • Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) approved by the Australian government
  • Proof of civil status if required
  • Proof of monetary
  • Financial requirements 
  • Character certificate
  • Proof of Visa fees payment 

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Work in Australia Visa Requirements

According to Australia’s Point system, the applicant for a profession is classified or prioritised based on their attributes. To get bonus points, you should meet the majority of the following standards. The following are the conditions for Indian citizens seeking a work Visa in Australia:

  • Age Requirements: Candidates between 25 and 32 score the most points, while those above 45 do not gain any points. 
  • IELTS score: Candidates with scores of IELTS test with a minimum of 8 bands – 20 Points 
  • Australian Study Permit: Must meet the Australian study requirements – 5 Points 
  • Professional Year: Completion of a professional year in the country – 5 Points 
  • Regional Study: Living and studying in regional Australia – 5 Points
  • Community Language Skills: Interpreter/translator skills in one of the country’s communities languages – 5 Points
Source: y-axis

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Australia Visa Fees 

Australian Visa costs vary from time to time. The price depends on the date the Australian government receives your application. Following are the types of Australia Work Permit Visa and fees in AUD and USD both. 

Types of Australia Work Permit Visa CostFees in Indian Rupees (On Current Basis) 
Employer Nomination Scheme Visa4,045 AUD (2,956 USD approx)2.2 lakhs
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa4,045 AUD (2,956 USD approx)2.2 lakhs
Skilled Independent Visa4,045 AUD (2,956 USD approx)2.2 lakhs
Temporary Skill Shortage Visa4,045 AUD (2,956 USD approx)2.2 lakhs
Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa4,045 AUD (2,956 USD approx)2.2 lakhs
Temporary Work Visa Australia (Short Stay Specialist)310 AUD (226 USD approx)17,025
Temporary Work Visa Australia (International Relations)310 AUD (226 USD approx)17,025
Distinguished Talent Visa4,110 AUD (3,004 USD approx)2.25 lakhs
Temporary Skill Shortage VisaShort Term Stream: 1,265 AUD (924 USD approx) Medium-Term Stream: 2,645 AUD (1,924 USD approx)Short Term Stream: 69,475 approxMedium-Term Stream: 1.45 lakhs approx
Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Extended Stay Pathway)360 AUD (263 USD approx)19,771

Australian Visa Processing Time 

The VFS processing time depends on the type of Visa. The Visa processing also keeps on changing but before that here’s the current schedule of Australian Visa processing time. 


Medical Test for Australian Visa in India

When an applicant is filing the Visa application they might need to have a medical test for an Australian Visa in India completed. The medical examinations depend on: 

  • The Visa you are applying for
  • How long you will stay in Australia
  • What are your plans to travel to Australia
  • Any special circumstances that might apply to your Australia Visa
  • Whether you have any necessary medical conditions

How to Apply for an Australian Visa

Step 1: Choose the relevant Visa subclass for your purpose of travel to Australia and download the appropriate Visa application form.

Step 2: Supporting documentation may be required for your Visa application. Check the checklists given under Visa Types for a list of required supporting papers for your Visa. For your application, gather all relevant supporting documentation. All supporting material should be submitted at the time of application to avoid delays.

Step 3: Pay the Australia Visa application fees via credit card or debit card.

Step 4: After your approval of the Australia Visa application you will receive the Australia Visa by email. If you select an urgent delivery, you may get your Visa within 2 – 3 months. 

Permanent Resident Visa

Immigrants can apply for a permanent residency Visa in Australia. The Visa has a five-year validity period. With a PR Visa, you and your family can move to Australia. After three years in Australia on a PR Visa, you can seek citizenship. With a Permanent Resident Visa in Australia, you can travel anywhere in Australia, pursue higher studies, become eligible for social security benefits, apply for government jobs, and can sponsor the PR of your relatives. 

How to Get PR in Australia with Student Visa

On how to get PR in Australia with a Student Visa, below are the eligibility criteria you should possess: 

  • Minimum of 2 years of study at postgraduate level in Western Australia universities. 
  • Proof of work experience
  • English proficiency test scores
  • A full-time offer on 12 months contract
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • An occupation listed in the graduate occupation list

PR Visa Process

A PR Visa for Australia is based on a point system. As a result, the process includes a mix of offline and online operations. You can follow the below steps: 

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility and all the key documents. 
  • Step 2: Apply for the migration skill assessment through the designated authority 
  • Step 3: Submit the Expression of Interest (SOI) 
  • Step 4: Wait for the invitation and apply for a Visa

Dependent Visa Australia

If immigrants enter Australia on a worker Visa, your dependent family Visas are allowed to join you on a dependent Visa for Australia from India. If you are coming to Australia temporarily for work, only your spouse or partner and any unmarried child below the age of 18 can enter on a dependent family Visa. This Visa will cost you around AUD 4,425 (INR 2.4 lakhs) 

Spouse Visa Requirements

Australian Spouse Visa is also known as Subclass 309 Visa. This is Visa enables an Australian citizen or permanent resident to temporarily stay in Australia. To fulfil Australia Spouse Visa requirements, check the following: 

  • You and your partner must be above 18 years of age
  • Must have a health certificate
  • Must have a character certificate
  • Your relationship with your partner is genuine 
  • Your marriage must be government authorised.

Spouse Visa Processing Time 

Consider the following information to know the Spouse Visa Australia Processing Time in 2021: 

Type of VisaProcessing time of 75% applicationsProcessing time of 90% applications
Provisional Visa (309)11 months15 months
Permanent Visa (100)20 months23 months

We hope you now understand how to apply for various types of Australian Visas! Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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