January Intake Universities in UK

Is the UK your dream study destination? Are you looking for the upcoming admission sessions in UK universities?… The post January Intake Universities in UK appeared first on Leverage Edu.

January Intake Universities in UK

January Intake Universities in UK

Is the UK your dream study destination? Are you looking for the upcoming admission sessions in UK universities? If yes, then you have got yourself in the right place! The January session is perfect for those international students who want some more time in completing their pre-university education during the summers or are in the process of arranging necessary monetary resources or arranging student visas. Through this blog, we aim to provide you with a complete guide on major January intake universities in the UK along with their best courses and scholarships for Indian students to study in UK!

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Why Study in UK?

  • Top Universities: UK’s top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College, QMUL, UEA are consistently ranked amongst the world’s most celebrated universities in terms of teaching quaility, research, high student satisfaction and graduate employability.
  • Easy Work Permit: International students planning to study in UK for the upcoming intakes can benefit from its new post-study work visa offered to masters and PhD intenrational students for 2 and 3 years respectively.
  • Wealth of Opportunities: UK is home to some of the best companies like Barclays, NatWest Group, PwC UK, Deloitte, Sainsbury’s that offer graduates an amazing lifestyle and opportunities to grow in the country.
  • Variety of Courses: From culinary arts to zoology, students in UK are study a wide range of specialisations and pursue a career in diverse fields.
  • Cultural Diversity: UK is located in the heart of Europe and home to thousands of nationalities. Living in UK for international students is a global experience and an opportunity to travel to world’s most visited countries in the world like France, Austria, Germany etc!

List of Universities in UK Offering January Intake

The January Intake is also known as the Spring Intake in UK. Though September intake is more popular than the former, January Intake is preferred by students who have deferred their studies to score higher in IELTS or to apply for a particular course. January Intake is also less competitive and allows international students to catch up with the September classes. This intake provides an incentive for candidates who have skipped entry in the main intakes in the UK.

Queen Mary University of London

Built upon the legacy of 4 historic academic institutions of London aimed at enhancing the lives of the less fortunate, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the most popular public research-intensive institutions in the UK. It is also amongst the greatest UK universities that form the prestigious Russell Group. QMUL is home to international students from 160 countries, 9 Nobel Laureates and notable alumni members. The university is not just renowned for its research prowess but is also internationally acclaimed for its inclusivity, diversity and LGBTQ friendliness and close proximity to central London. Here are the top courses offered by QMUL for the January 2022 intake for international students:

  • MSc Management 
  • MSc Management with Integrated Pre-Masters
  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning 
  • MSc Big Data Science with Machine Learning Systems 
  • MSc Banking and Finance 
  • LLM Banking and Finance Law
  • LLM Commercial and Corporate Law 
  • LLM Comparative and International Dispute Resolution 
  • LLM Intellectual Property Law
  • LLM International Business Law 
  • LLM Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law 
  • MRes Clinical Research
  • MSc Genomic Medicine 
  • MA Education for Clinical Contexts MA
  • MSc Physician Associate Studies

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Bangor University

YouTube: Bangor University

Since its inception in 1884, Bangor University has been constantly dedicated to academic excellence and has put a strong emphasis on student experiences. The university comprises of three colleges which house 14 academic schools and more than 10,000 students are enrolled annually coming from all kinds of cultural diversions. Known for delivering high-quality teaching, learning environment and student outputs, Bangor University is at the top of our list of January intake universities in UK and offers the following graduate-level courses for the students to specialize in. 

  • MA/MSc/MBA in Banking and Finance
  • MSc Accounting
  • MSc Accounting and Banking
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MA/MBA in Banking and Law
  • LLM International Commercial and Business Law
  • LLM Banking and Law
  • MA Criminology
  • MBA Law and Management
  • MA Social Policy
  • MA Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • MA Criminology and Sociology

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Edinburgh Napier University

YouTube: Edinburg Napier Students Association

Nurturing talent and imparting high-quality knowledge, Edinburgh Napier University is renowned for its innovation in research through which it has worked massively on various challenges faced in different sectors. Edinburgh Napier University is one of those January intake universities in UK that offer mostly graduate-level courses and a very few undergraduate level courses. The most popular programs at the institution include:

  • BA (Hons) in Business Management
  • MBA Engineering Management
  • MBA Strategic Project Management
  • MBA in Leadership Practice
  • MSc Computing with Professional Placement
  • MSc Global Hospitality Management
  • MSc Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science

Middlesex University

YouTube: Middlesex University

Founded with the motto of “learn through doing”, the students at Middlesex University get real-life exposure into their field of study to apply their gained knowledge and putting it into practice. As a campus university in London, the university is constituted of three academic faculties, i.e. Arts and Professional Industries, Professional and Social Sciences as well as Science and Technology. Empowering its students with all the tools and opportunities needed to achieve success in future endeavours, the institution offers a wide range of bachelors and masters level programs for the students to choose from. Some of the major programs offered by the university are: 

  • BA Business Management
  • BA Financial Services
  • BA International Business Administration
  • BSc Information Technology and Business Information Systems
  • MA International Relations
  • MA Leading Inclusive Education
  • MA Education
  • MA International Business Management
  • MSc Strategic Management

Oxford Brookes University

YouTube: Oxford Brookes University

With a continual drive to achieving excellence in teaching and high satisfaction among the students, Oxford Brookes University provides the student with a stimulating learning experience which gives the students the opportunities to develop skills through the coursework and extra-curricular activities. One of the most popular January intake universities in UK, the university offers undergraduate and graduate-level courses for the students to choose from. 

  • BA (Hons) Business and Management
  • BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management
  • BA (Hons) Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • BA (Hons) International Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Marketing Management
  • BSc (Hons) Economics, Finance and International Business
  • BSc (Hons) Economics, Finance and International Relations
  • MSc Applied Accounting
  • MSc Business and Marketing Management
  • MSc Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Digital Marketing
  • PG Diploma in Management in Health and Social Care
  • MSc and PG Diploma in Real Estate Investment Finance

University of Bedfordshire

YouTube: University of Bedfordshire

Driven by innovation and legacy of top-quality education, the University of Bedfordshire nurtures the students to become educated, productive and entrepreneurial global citizens. The university supports the students in all the aspects of their lives and makes them an influential personality through the education provided to them. Another good option amongst the January intake universities in UK, here are some bachelor’s and master’s level programs offered by the University of Bedfordshire:

  • BSc Artificial Intelligence
  • BSc Business Information System
  • BSc Cybersecurity
  • BSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects
  • BEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • BEng Automotive Engineering
  • BEng Telecommunications and Network Engineering
  • BA Accounting
  • MSc Applied Information Technology
  • MBA (Digital Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, etc.)
  • MSc Financial Economics
  • MSc International Business with Law

University of Derby

YouTube: University of Derby

The University of Derby is based on the legacy of innovation and provides high-quality learning as well as industry-relevant experiences to the students. Having been rated Gold under the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), the university offers industry-experienced professors, placement opportunities and modern innovational technologies to elevate the learning experience and inculcate the practical skills within them. Here are some of the most popular undergraduate and graduate-level programs provided in the January intake season of the University of Derby. 

  • BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Interior Architecture and Venue Design
  • BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BA (Hons) International Business
  • BA (Hons) International Business and Finance
  • BA (Hons) Event Management
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management
  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Building Information Modelling
  • MSc Sustainable Architecture and Healthy Buildings
  • MA Visual Arts
  • MA Fine Art
  • MBA Global Finance
  • MSc International Business and Finance
  • MSc International Business and HRM
  • MSc International Business and Marketing

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UK universities are offering a plethora of courses, scholarships, and awards for the January intake 2022 to help students catch and avail the best opportunities in the country. Apply with our Leverage Edu today and secure an admit at your dream UK university in NO time!

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