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While MBBS is an undergraduate degree, Doctor of Medicine or MD is a postgraduate medical degree pursued by candidates with sound knowledge in the field. Applicants have to go to a medical school before they get a chance to study this course from countries like the USA and Canada. According to a study by the American Association of Medical Colleges, there will be a national shortage of 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025 in America. Now more than ever is the need for Doctors of Medicine (MD) is not only in America but all around the world. This blog aims to elucidate what MD in USA has to offer! 

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Study LevelPostgraduate
Duration4-6 years
Eligibility after MBBS in IndiaMCAT
Cost of MD in USA50,000 USD to 75,000 USD per year
[36,56,525 INR-54,84,787 INR]
Top Medical SchoolsHarvard University, Yale University, Stanford University

Cost of MD in USA

The average tuition fee for MD in USA ranges somewhere from 50,000 USD to 75,000 USD per year [36,56,525 INR-54,84,787 INR] depending upon the medical school you are studying at. Here are the top medical schools in the USA and their tuition fees for MD:

Medical School in USATuition FeeDuration
Harvard University64,984 USD per year
[47,52,312 INR]
5 years
Stanford University20,731 USD per quarter [15,16,068 INR]6 years
John Hopkins University56,500 USD per year
[41,31,873 INR]
4 years
University of Pennsylvania59,910 USD per year
[43,81,248 INR]
4 years
New York University57,476 USD per year
[42,03,248 INR]
4 years
Yale University61,140 USD per year
[44,71,198 INR]
4 years

To know about the cost of living in the USA while studying MD, you must check out the Cost of Studying in USA!

How to Study MD in USA?

Let’s study the whole procedure, divided into some pre-described steps to success. 

Step 1: Complete Your Undergraduate Degree

Number one prerequisite is a good Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Medical background like Biology, Chemistry or Physical Science as one of the majors.

Step 2: Pass the MCAT Examination

College seniors and pass-outs who are interested in becoming a doctor, that is earning an MD degree are required to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). After passing the MCAT with a stipulated score, depending upon the university, one can apply to one of them. Students going from India to give MCAT and then applying to universities are also required to have-

  • To clear an English-language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL
  • Submit an SOP and LORs
  • Get a good GRE Score.

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Step 3: Complete the 4-Year Medical School

The journey doesn’t end when you end your medical college. It starts there. The MD Degree requires 4 years of schooling where the curriculum is divided into semesters and is conducted on a full-time basis.

Step 4: Pass Parts 1 and 2 of USMLE

In order to practice medicine in the USA, one must take and receive an adequate score on the USMLE. It is a three-part examination, as discussed above. 

  • Before Entering the Third Year, the medical student must clear the first part of the examination. It covers the basic medical principles which the students learnt in the first two years.
  • Before Entering the Fourth Year, the medical student has to clear the second part of the examination. It covers topics of clinical diagnosis and disease development.  

Step 5: Finding Residency Along With the Niche

As we said, the medical degree doesn’t end with college. In the final year, medical students have to submit an application regarding their residency. Then the application is taken into consideration and the students are assigned to the respective residencies. 

What is Residency? 

A residency is a three- to eleven-year training program where the fresh out of medical school students receive specialized training under the shadow of a skilled doctor or experienced physician educators. 

Step 6: Pass Part 3 of USMLE and Finish Residency

After finishing the stipulated time of residency (which is normally 3 years), the candidate has to appear for the part 3 Examination of USMLE. It covers clinical management and assesses the doctor’s ability to practice medicine safely and also effectively.

Step 7: Earn Board Certification

Once the whole Medical School and the residency is completed, the candidate has to appear in front of a board regarding the field selected by him/her from 24 specializations. Some of them can be-

Step 8: Get a State License

After the training and board certification, one also has to receive a state-signed license to practice medicine. Well, congratulations, you have finished medical school and are now in the market for some good jobs. Let us quickly watch all the job prospects after an MD in the USA.

MD in USA infographic

Alternatives to Pursuing MD in USA After MBBS

Another alternative to going through the long process of USMLE exams and getting a residency is to opt for MPH in USA. Many MBBS graduates prefer to study a Masters in Public Health in the USA rather than an MD. By pursuing an MPH degree, students get a breathing period as a student visa in USA for Indian students is mainly for 5 years when opting for a masters course. By taking admission into MPH in the country, many students use this time period to appear for their clinical exams and in the end, you will have two degrees, one clinical after residency, i.e. MD and other non-clinical such as MPH or you can even opt for a diploma in Public Health before beginning your residency for MD in USA.

For taking this alternative of studying MPH or any other medical postgraduate program before MD in USA, you can expect the cost of around 50,000 USD [37,44,000 INR approx.] (including 3 months of clinical rotation or clerkship) only if you can successfully ace USMLE-2CK/CS at the end of 3 months of clinical rotation.

Some of the major advantages of taking this route to opt for MD in USA are:

  • You can avail networking opportunities in the medical arena in the country.
  • While studying MPH, you can take a break for one semester at the onset of completing your first year of this program and then during this time, complete your clerkship which is mandatory to get residency for MD in USA.
  • It will allow you to get a 5-year student visa to study in USA and this will help you take the right passage until you clear the USMLE-3.
  • If you come across any issues during the process of getting residency for MD in USA, then the public health degree can help you explore career prospects and cover your living costs.

Job Prospects After MD in the USA

Doctors specialize and treat patients in a variety of areas, such as Radiology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Anaesthesia, Internal Medicine, etc. And regarding these, the career prospects of an MD in USA revolves around.

ProfessionMedian Salary
Family Physician$192,000 (143,77,000 INR approx.)
Anesthesiologist$248,000 (185,70,000 INR approx.)
Surgeon$247,000 (184,95,000 INR approx.)
Paediatrician$183,000 (137,03,000 INR approx.)

Top Medical Universities in USA

It is always a good idea to pursue the course from leading universities as they provide excellent exposure and skill set to aspirants. Given below is the list of top medical schools for MD in USA that can scale your career by awarding you the right career: 


What is an MD degree in USA?

The professional degree in Medicine in USA is known as MD. One needs to complete 4 years of undergraduate studies and clear the MCAT exam to pursue MD in USA. 

Is MD from India Valid in USA?

Yes, MD in India is valid in USA provided you clear the United States Medical Licence Examination.

How long is MD in USA?

MD in USA is 4 years long in duration followed by 3 to 7 years of fellowship/ residency. The duration might vary as per your specialization.

Is MD better than MBBS?

MD is a higher professional degree in comparison with MBBS. Students who aspire to attain expertise in a particular specialization opt for this course.

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