MPhil in Canada

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MPhil in Canada

How to pursue mphill in canada

Since India has discontinued the MPhil degree, the best choice for MPhil aspirants is to pursue it abroad. When you read Masters of Philosophy, your immediate conclusion is that it is a masters degree to be pursued in the Arts stream. That is purely an untrue fact. Like MSc, MPhil is also an extension of masters which can be chosen in any subject such as English, history, economics, etc. M.Phil is a research-based postgraduate degree that involves an independent project rather than individual subjects. At the end of your semester, you have to defend your research paper in a viva voce examination. Canada offers a two-year degree that involves the entire research of your thesis, practice with academic writing and examinations. Let’s explore everything you need to know about MPhil in Canada.

NameMasters of Philosophy
Duration2 years
Educational RequirementsHonours in BA with a minimum grade of B+

About MPhil in Canada

In Canada, MPhil can be pursued in two ways: either standalone or PhD supported. Standalone M.Phil in Canada offers a guarantee of extension of your M.Phil program into a PhD provided your viva examination is successful. This gives you an added advantage as it reduces the PhD program duration by a year. Canadian universities offer a lot of flexibility to the postgraduates who take up M.Phil in their chosen subject. You can opt to study for M.Phil in the following formats:

  • Entirely Taught- Based on courses, tests and classwork.
  • Entirely Research- Based on your topic of research for your thesis.
  • Predominantly Taught- Maximum parts of the syllabus are based on your classwork.
  • Predominantly Research- Maximum parts of the syllabus are based on your research.
  • Equal Research and Taught- The syllabus is equally divided between research and classwork.

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Universities for MPhil in Canada

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  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  2. Queen’s University

Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Memorial University of Newfoundland is situated in St.John’s, Canada. 20% of the students enrolled here are international which firmly proves its vibrant student community. MUN offers an M.Phil program in Humanities to postgraduates. Only 20 applications are given admissions every year to opt for this program. You can either go for a 2-year full-time program or 3 years of part-time study. The class of M.Phil is tutored and assisted by 50 faculty and instructors under the department of Arts and other related fields. 

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Queen’s University

Queen’s University is one of the only universities in Ontario to offer M.Phil programs. The M.Phil program assists diverse learners to complete their doctoral research if already started. If you successfully complete the M.Phil program at Queen’s, you are guaranteed a PhD position with advanced status. An extension course of M.Phil, the Publishing Practicum ensures that the element of professionalism in your thesis is added early on. It also allows you to socialise with fellow scholars and discuss their research topics. M.Phil in English Language and Literature is amongst the most advanced programs at Queen’s. 

Eligibility Criteria for MPhil in Canada

Every university has different entry requirements to be fulfilled by every student. Here are some of the common entry requirements for MPhil in Canada:

  • Honours in BA with a minimum of B+ grade
  • Cumulative grade of A in English and other related subjects
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from the previous faculty
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample of 8-10 pages including bibliography 
  • IELTS score of 7.5 or TOEFL score of 109 

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Application Process

The application process to apply to universities in Canada is the same for all intakes. Here is an overview of the step-by-step application process to study MPhil in Canada:

  1. Visit the official website of the university you are interested in .
  2. Check the course curriculum and the eligibility requirements.
  3. Click on the application form of the respective university.
  4. First, you need to create an account using your mobile number or email address.
  5. You will receive an email or SMS on your registered contact number with login details and verification.
  6. Use the login details provided and enter your personal details ( name, gender, date of birth)
  7. Enter your academic qualification and upload the required documents.
  8. Select the course and pay the application fee.
  9. The application fee is different for every university and can be paid through a debit/credit card or internet banking.
  10. Submit your application form, you can also track your application form through your account.
  11. Students that have been selected will be required to attend a virtual interview by some universities.

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Documents Required

MPhil vs PhD

MPhil and PhD, both are very similar post-graduate options. Both are thesis and qualitative research-based programs. Here are the major differences between the two universities:

The thesis involved in M.Phil is 60,000 words.The thesis involved in PhD is 80,000 words.
It is a 2-year course if pursued full-time.It is a 3-4 years course if pursued full-time.
Masters of philosophy can be attained in any subject you desire.Similarly, you can achieve a doctorate in any subject you desire.
M.Phil has qualified as a level 7 in NQF.PhD has qualified as a level 8 in NQF making it the highest qualified educational achievement.

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