Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

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Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Part Time Jobs in Canada

Studying abroad, especially in a place like Canada can be a burden on your pocket. With high tuition fees, cost of living and other leisure activities, one way to ease the burden is by working past time; either on-campus or off-campus. Another added advantage of working part-time is that a great job experience can bolster your application while applying for PR. The Canadian visa allows students to work for approximately 20 hours per week of a paid job. However, students enrolled for an intensive course are advised to work for 12 hours a week. Let us have an in-depth look at part-time jobs in Canada for International students.

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Regulations for Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Let’s find out what are the part-time job regulations prescribed by the Canadian government for international students:

Working Part-Time On-Campus

You can only work on-campus in Canada if your study permit allows it. You can, however, work without a work permit if you:

  • Are a holder of a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Have enrolled in a program that is at least 6 months long and awards a diploma, certificate or a degree by the end of it.
  • Have enrolled in a secondary-level a post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program.

Note: You will NOT be allowed to work on campus if:

  • You are not studying full-time
  • Your study permit is expired
  • You are on authorised leave from studies
  • You are transferring to another school and are not currently studying

Note: In Canada, your on-campus recruiter maybe your university, a faculty member, a student organisation, yourself if you operate a business, a private firm, or a private contractor with some on-campus business on campus. The number of working hours for international students with part-time jobs is not limited by the government of Canada.

Working Part-Time Off-Campus

In Canada, you can only work off-campus only if:

  • You are a student at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • You are enrolled in a secondary-level vocational training programme or a post-secondary academic, vocational, or professional training programme
  • You are enrolled in a programme that lasts at least 6 months and leads to a diploma, certificate, or degree
  • You are a holder of a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • You are studying part-time because you are in your last semester and do not need a full course load, or you were a full-time student until your final semester

Note: Students who are on authorised leave from their studies, moving schools, or are not presently enrolled will not be permitted to work off-campus. According to the Canadian government, an overseas student can work off-campus part-time for 20 hours per week during ordinary school terms or full-time (no defined amount) during breaks.

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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Here is the list of the top 10 part-time job options for international students in Canada along with their average estimated respective salaries:

Part-Time Job PositionSalary in CAD (per hour)Salary in INR (per hour)
Sales Assistant12 699
Customer Service Assistant11 641
Office Assistant13-15 758 – 874
Cook13 758 
Programme Facilitator13 758 
Uber Driver14-25 816 – 1458
Nanny14 816 
Server/Bartender74 (per night)4316
Dog Walker14 816

Note: Aside from this, overseas students may be able to find work as a painter, camp counsellor, baker, reading programme leader, programme facilitator, festival coordinator, and so on.

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A Bookkeeper usually undertakes tasks such as banking activities, recording transactions such as purchases, sales revenue, invoices, payments and expenses, producing various financial reports, processing payments and reconciling reports to third-party records. A bookkeeper is required to have a strong sense of time management, organization skills and mathematical knowledge.

Customer Service Assistant 

the duties of a CAS entail answering customer enquiries, giving information and helping to solve customer problems, selling products and taking orders, arranging services for customers, processing complaints. Prerequisites for this role include excellent communication skills and people skills.

Sales Assistant 

A reliable sales assistant’s role includes increasing the sales volume and maintaining regular contact with significant customers. Additionally, a sales assistant works with a  sales team to monitor active purchases and make sure that the orders are delivered on time. Great communication skills, computer literacy and product knowledge are required for this role.

Programme Facilitator  

The primary role of a Programme facilitator includes execution of programme projects, initiatives, curricula,  incorporating workshops and/or training, community service endeavours, outings/ field trip exposures/ tours, projects and presentations and more. The programme facilitator must report directly to the program manager.


Cooking is one of the most common part-time jobs for international students in Canada. A cook’s responsibilities include making meals, sticking to the menu, and complying to food health and safety standards. If you think you have a talent for cooking, working as a chef in a foreign nation may be quite gratifying.

Uber Driver

This job responsibility is dependent on criteria such as your province of study, your car, and your travel history. If you meet the minimum age criteria, you will be able to drive an Uber as an international student in Canada.

Dog Walker 

Dog walkers, sometimes known as pet sitters, are in high demand in Canada. They walk their clients’ dogs, supply them with food and water, and are also in charge of taking the pet to the doctor when necessary.


A job as a nanny is one of the simplest part-time jobs to get in Canada as an international student. If you enjoy working with children, this is the job for you. A nanny’s primary tasks include caring for the children, arranging their daily schedules, transporting them to and from school and other activities, cleaning, and laundry, among other things.

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Monetary Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Canada

When working on a part-time basis, students are usually paid in hours. On average your pay may be roughly around 10$ an hour. A student visa also enables you to engage in academic work on campus. You may assist your professor in research work. For doing so you don’t require a work permit and can work beyond the stipulated hours. This kind of work is usually paid less but helps you gain work experience. Students can also choose to work off-campus after completing six months of study.

How to Find a Part Time Job in Canada?

Before you begin looking for part-time jobs in Canada, make the following checks:

  • As previously stated, a Social Insurance Number is required for both on- and off-campus part-time jobs in Canada. Make sure you have it ready before you start looking for work. A SIN will also enable you to access national programmes and other advantages, not simply for work.
  • Update your CV or resume, as well as your cover letter, and begin preparing for interviews.

Moving on, here’s how you locate both on-campus and off-campus jobs in Canada:

  • On-campus: On-campus part-time job postings and advertisements are generally easy to find on notice boards, or on the official website of the Canadian university. Join a student club or committee, volunteer, attend information sessions, webinars, and other activities on campus for an efficient job hunt.
  • Off-campus: Many international students ask if it is feasible to obtain part-time work in Canada away from school. It is feasible if you have access to the industry you wish to enter. Try to expand your company network and create contacts with leaders or individuals who can assist you.
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