Part-time Jobs in New Zealand

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Part-time Jobs in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand can be exciting but overwhelming. The cost of living and tuition fees can burn a big hole in your pocket. But imagine if you could earn a little bit at least to cover your day-to-day expenses? The incentive to do a part-time job in New Zealand isn’t just monetary. Work culture in a different country allows you to connect to the locals outside your campus. As you meet new people, you connect with their lifestyles and become a better fit in the foreign country. 

Perks of Part-time Jobs in New Zealand

Once an international student, you will find yourself in a country and culture unknown to you. There are only a few ways you can interact with a community outside of your campus and getting a part-time job is the one. There are a few reasons why we suggest you should work part-time in New Zealand along with your studies as mentioned below.

  • Substitute for Homesickness: You tend to get homesick more than often post your college timings. To occupy yourself in a busy activity like a part-time job is the way to avoid it. 
  • Learn Multi-tasking: Balancing work, study and social life will teach you discipline and also how to juggle multiple responsibilities in a limited time. 
  • Cover Extra Costs: You can cover your basic day to day expenses like travel and food by doing part-time jobs.
  • Socialising: Experience is what counts most important at the end of the day. Working in a different country will allow you to interact with individuals and open up your perspectives. This can become a great aid in your studies as well.

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Government Regulations for International Students

Studying on a New Zealand student visa can have certain regulations on your work rights. As an Indian student, you have to apply for their ‘Fee Paying Student Visa’. The New Zealand government is very welcoming to international students and those who wish to work part-time. If you wish to work part-time along with your coursework in New Zealand, you have to follow the rules and regulations mentioned below- 

  • Student visa allows you to work 20 hours per week during your academic year if you have reached your minimum age of 18.
  • Student visa allows you to work 40 hours per week during holidays or summer breaks only if you are 18.
  • You must have permission to work during your academic year from your parents, legal guardian or education provider.
  • Masters by research and PhD students have no limits on the hours of work per week. 
  • In case working part-time is included in your course, you have to take permission from Immigration of New Zealand beforehand. This will then be added to your visa conditions.
  • You must work as an employee. You cannot be self-employed. 
  • As an international student, investment, employment in sexual and other related services is forbidden. 
  • You will have to pay a tax of 10.5% if you earn less than NZ$14,000 (Rs.7.24lakhs) per annum. 
  • Before you start work, make sure to get the IRD number from the Inland Revenue (New Zealand’s tax department. 

A New Zealand student visa gives you the flexibility to work as an international student along with your studies. In any case of disobedience against the conditions on the student visa or government rules, you will be unfortunately deported. 

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How to Find a Part-time Job in New Zealand?

As an international student, you primarily must consult your approved education provider in order to find part-time jobs in New Zealand. By education provider, we mean the university or school that you will be studying along with seeking a part-time job.

Part-time jobs in New Zealand can be easily found on the Student Job Search portal. This organisation connects international students seeking part-time jobs in New Zealand. They know the visa conditions and only provide for those job opportunities. Other recognised portals are SEEK and TRADE ME which will provide you with ample part-time job opportunities in New Zealand. 

Types of Part-time Jobs in New Zealand

According to the regulations, as an international student, you are allowed to work only as an employee on your student visa. This clearly defines that you cannot assume the role of an independent contractor, be self-employed or create your own business on New Zealand grounds. 

The job roles that an international student can apply for are clearly defined by the New Zealand government. There are various types of part-time jobs you can seek in New Zealand like given below- 

  • Retail Sales Assistant- You can work in any retail chain as a salesman/saleswoman
  • Waiter- Waitressing at a nearby restaurant or fast food chain
  • Supermarket Assistant- Working as a bag boy or salesperson at a supermarket
  • Bartender- You have to be 18 in order to be a bartender
  • Kitchen Hand- Washing dishes in restaurant kitchens
  • Call Centre Worker- Cold calling, helps you in improving your communication skills

Although all the job roles defined above are off-campus, you can also look for part-time jobs on your own college campus. For example, working at your college library, college cafeteria or assisting professors can also earn you good money. 

Value of Part-Time Jobs While Studying Abroad

Salary of Part-time Jobs in New Zealand

The salary of each international student may vary depending on their job role and skills. However, the New Zealand government has defined a minimum wage rate that has to be provided to all employees- international students or locals. 

The minimum wage rate is NZ $18.90 after tax (Rs 1000) an hour for part-time jobs. No exemption from salary on annual holidays is allowed from the employer. This will help you in covering your day to day expenses. 

Work Rights for International Students

New Zealand provides the same employee rights to international students wanting to work part-time. You have the following rights working on a student visa in New Zealand:

  • A written employment agreement
  • Minimum wage rate defined
  • Paid annual and public holiday
  • A safe working environment free of discriminition on the basis of race, gender, colour or nationality
  • No harassment or bullying 
  • Work within the terms of the agreement

In case of any inappropriate behaviour or violation of rights from the employer, you can complain against them by talking to your Immigration New Zealand. 

Post-Study Work Rights

If you wish to continue to work after you graduate then New Zealand has provisions for you as well. You can apply for a post-study work visa before your student visa expires. According to the terms, the work visa post-study will allow you to stay for either 1,2 or 3 years depending on your educational qualifications. With this visa, you can work in any role suitable, full-time or part-time. You aren’t allowed to still deal in sexual services. The rights you get as an employee and the minimum wage rate are the same as mentioned for part-time jobs.

We hope to have covered all of your doubts regarding part-time jobs in New Zealand. If you want to study in New Zealand and wish to work there part-time, Leverage Edu has got your back! Apply now and talk to your mentors who will guide you to your dream country and dream education. 

The post Part-time Jobs in New Zealand appeared first on Leverage Edu.