PR Courses in New Zealand

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PR Courses in New Zealand

PR Courses in New Zealand

How to get a Permanent Residency in New Zealand? For international students to apply for PR in New Zealand, there are certain conditions and requirements you must know. Studying in New Zealand is a blissful adventure as you can study at affordable costs in a safe country and discover the best career opportunities in its thriving economy. If you are looking for PR list of programs to study in this country, scroll through this blog to find all the information about PR courses in New Zealand, PR Points calculator, how to get PR in New Zealand and more!

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PR Courses in New Zealand

There are no certain PR courses in New Zealand that you can study for getting permanent residency. International students can opt for any course and once they graduate, they can apply for jobs and their study visa can be converted into a work visa. The most common PR courses in New Zealand are mainly master’s level as they prepare you for an advanced level of education in your field and can help you land a job in New Zealand. 

Let’s take a look at the type of study visa that you can later convert into a work visa and then apply for Permanent Residency in New Zealand.

  • First is the Fee Paying Student Visa which is valid for four years. With the help of this visa, you can enrol at the university, pay the fee of the course and live by yourself in New Zealand. 
  • There is another visa that allows the student to work part-time along with the study of the course. With the help of this visa, the student can do part-time work for up to 20 hours in a week. 

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Getting PR in New Zealand

Permanent residency can authorize you to live, study as well as work in New Zealand. As a permanent resident, you can gain access to school education, health care, living options and free entry and exit from the country. The PR process in New Zealand has a straight-forward procedure. It is important to note that the PR is accessible only to those who have had two years or more of a valid Resident’s visa. 

Other requirements include the importance of a good character, the age limit for PR in New Zealand is fifty-five years of age or under, you must have a job offer from a company in New Zealand, or have relevant work experience. Here are different types of PR categories for New Zealand work visa that you must know:

  • Family Visa: If you have a family member already residing in New Zealand with a PR,
  • Skilled Migrant Category or SMC: This is valid for all the foreigners, who want to settle in New Zealand. The SMC visa is valid for 24 months. It converts to a PR after settling in New Zealand. You can even get your Citizenship five years after you get New Zealand PR status. 
  • Business and Investment Category with Entrepreneurial and Investment-driven visas- Under this category, you can invest in a New Zealand based firm. In the Entrepreneur Category, you have to showcase that you are going to establish your own business venture in the country. 

New Zealand PR Points Calculator

The work visas are granted by the complete discretion of the New Zealand Immigration. They use the point system to judge your eligibility.

Work Experience10 points to 30 points-Work experience from 2 to 10 years
Employability60 points- Experience for more than a year
50 points- Looking for a job/ worked for less than a year
AgeMax. 30 points-Age between 20-29
Min. 5 points-Age 50-55
Family ties10 points-Close family members in New Zealand
Qualification55 points-Master’s degree/ doctorate
50 points- Bachelor’s degree/ other diploma course

Masters in New Zealand

In the current situation, a masters degree can be helpful to get a PR in New Zealand, keeping in mind that the students excel in the course undertaken. New Zealand offers a wide range of Masters Courses. Master’s of Science (MS) courses, which are spread across two years, are famous in the country. These are advanced study programmes. In New Zealand, a semester session starts around February and lasts up to November. New Zealand offers a whole range of Master’s courses like Information and Technology, Management Studies, Cyber Security and Crime Science, Digital Business, International Trade, etc.  Here are the top universities in New Zealand for masters:

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Thus, we hope that this blog is familiarized us with PR courses in New Zealand and how to get PR in New Zealand. Planning to study in New Zealand? Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the best course and university as per your interests and preferences with the great assistance of our AI Course Finder!

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