Project Management Courses in Canada

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Project Management Courses in Canada

Project Management Courses in Canada

To bring efficiency in management processes, large assignments are broken down into small workable units called projects. Project management is an innovative way of attaining organisational competence. It brings tools, resources, and field expertise together for the successful completion of projects. The course is among the emerging fields in Canada with the labour force estimated to grow by 33%. In this blog, we will go through the details about the Project Management course in Canada. 

Types of Project Management Courses in Canada

Before delving into the discussion of Project Management courses in Canada, it is important to know the prevalent types of Project Management courses being offered by universities. Given below are some of the major types:

Masters (Two Years; Full time)

This is a highly advanced postgraduate course in Project Management. It aims at combining theoretical concepts with training assignments in order to teach students how to effectively manage both short and long term projects. It focuses on every aspect of Project Management starting from cost and risk estimation and budget management to conflict resolution and project evaluation. It also incorporates how project managers can deal with the changing business environment.

Graduate Diploma/Graduate Certificate (One year)

This is one of the most common Project Management courses in Canada. For those who are looking for knowledge advancement or to combine prior knowledge or experience with Project Management, a graduate diploma or graduate certificate is a perfect option. Besides building a concrete Project Management understanding, it also focuses on other business-related topics. Often it includes a Project Management certification.

Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification

This is a globally recognized Project Management certification, for those who have extensive experience in managing and delivering projects. It provides such managers with industry-accepted certification which helps in attaining higher salary and recognition. For more information, you can visit the PMP website.

Project Management Courses in Canada: Universities & Colleges

Revered for their excellent educational infrastructure, comprehensive curriculum, industry training opportunities, and top-notch faculty, universities and some of the best colleges in Canada for international students offer a diverse range of Project Management courses. Tabulated below are some of them:

University/College Courses
University of Saskatchewan Masters Certificate in Project Management
Concordia University Masters Certificate in Project Management
Royal Roads University Postgraduate Certificate
Centennial College  Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Seneca College  Master of Project Management- IT
Master of Project Management- Environmental Studies
Vancouver Island University Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Douglas College Post degree diploma in Project Management
Lambton College  Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management / Enterprise Project Management
Humber College Graduate Certificate  in Project Management
Algonquin College Graduate Certificate  in Project Management
MacEwan University Graduate Certificate in Project Management & Professional Communication
University of Northern British Columbia Master of Project Management

Be it masters or certificate programs, every course offered by Canadian universities are unique in their own way. Here is an overview of the Project Management courses of some of the universities and their salient features.

Northeastern University, Toronto Campus
Program: Master’s Project Management
Duration: 1.5-2 years

This program aims at equipping students with complex critical thinking skills that will help them in managing difficult projects in innovative ways. A unique feature of this Project Management course is that you can choose subjects based on the experience you have. Concentrations include Agile Project Management, Leadership, Analytics, Organisational Communication, etc.

Fanshawe College, Canada
Program: Graduate Certificate Program in Project Management
Duration: 1 year

Those who have completed their graduation, have 3-5 years of experience as a Project Manager, and are exploring one-year programs can consider pursuing the Graduate Certificate Program in Project Management. This course will prepare you for industry-specific roles by imparting knowledge related to Agile Project Management, Project Recovery, and Project Leadership. Other application requirements include English language competency and a strong relevant background.

Algonquin College, Canada
Program: Graduate Certificate Program
Duration: 1 year

Besides developing key project management skills through teaching, it incorporates methods like field projects that give hands-on experience. Training for the PMP certification is also provided.

Concordia University, Canada
Program: Masters Certificate in Project Management
Duration: 5 months

This a short and specialised Project Management course that aims at equipping mid to senior-level professionals with advanced skills and knowledge. It takes place over five months with different modules taught in one and two day sessions. The curriculum aligns with the one set by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and reparation for the PMP certification is also provided.


The subjects for project management can vary across institutions depending on their curriculum and syllabus. However, we have listed down the core subjects for project management.

  • Strategic Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Bank Strategy and Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to International Business
  • Accounting
  • HR Management

Minimum Required Score In English Proficiency Tests

Tabulated below are the minimum required scores in the English proficiency tests by some of the top universities offering masters in project management in Canada. All students will be required to submit their test scores. 

Name Of University  Name Of Program  Minimum Scores Required For IELTS  Minimum Scores Required For TOEFL
University of Calgary  MSc Civil Engineering – Project Management
MEng Civil Engineering – Project Management
6.5 86
University of New Brunswick  MBA in Project Management 93
University of British Columbia  MEng Civil Engineering – Project and Construction Management
MASC in Civil Engineering – Project and Construction Management
7.0 100
Northeastern University  Master Of Science in Project Management  6.5 79


The eligibility criteria for project management courses in Canada varies across universities. Here are the general eligibility criteria for all universities that provide project management courses.

  • Candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognized university with a minimum of 60% aggregate scores.
  • Students must provide English proficiency test scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc. as well as a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs).
  • For PG degrees, students must have completed their undergraduate in science or engineering with a 3.0/4.0 GPA or equivalent.

Course Fee

The tuition fees for graduate, certificate, and diplomas in project management courses in Canada range from CAD 15,209- 22,514 (INR 8,78,377- 13,00,269). The fee postgraduation course in project management courses in Canada ranges from CAD 17,904 -CAD 42,113 (INR 10,34,024- 24,32,186)  for full-time study. The short term courses are easy to access and also get a Canadian PR.

Pre Arrival Costs

There are a number of costs involved in studying abroad. The costs include the expenses which are made before reaching your study destination and afterwards too. Tabulated below are the pre-arrival costs. 

Costs Amount in CAD And INR
University Application Fees  Varies from one university to other
Fees of GMAT Test 355 (INR 20,299)
Health Insurance  862 (INR 49,117)
Fees Of Visa Application 334 (INR 19,024)
Airfare  1988 (INR 1,13,237)

Cost Of Living In Canada

Tabulated below are the expenses and costs related to living in Canada. Check it out here:

Costs  Costs Per Month 
Transportation CAD 100 (INR 5,697)
Food  CAD 250 – 300 (INR 14,244)
Accommodation CAD 270 – 810 (INR 15,383)
Books CAD 327 (INR 18,628)
Other Expenses  CAD 78 – 163 (INR 4,443 – INR 9,285)

Job Prospects and Salary

Based on a study by The Anderson Economic Group (AEG), there will be an estimated 50 million jobs for project managers globally. This has led to an increasingly high demand for skilled project managers in Canada. Industries like Banking, Insurance, Automobile, IT, Health Care, Telecommunications, etc. are recruiting competent individuals in this field. Some of the common project management jobs in Canada with their corresponding fee structures are tabulated below: 

Role  Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Project Manager 75000
Project Coordinator 46000
Production Superintendent  93000
Program Project Manager 74000
Project Administrator  45000
Project Manager Marketing 63000
Project Management Construction 83000

Project Management Courses in Canada: Scholarships 

A few of the scholarships options for students enrolled in a project management course in Canada are mentioned below: 

University of New Brunswick 

Scholarship Name: Student of Graduate Studies Merit Award 
Scholarship Eligibility: Awarded to outstanding graduate students 
Scholarship Award: Amount varies; awarded on the basis of merit and need 

University of Calgary 

Scholarship Name: Academic Achievement Scholarships
Scholarship Eligibility: Awarded to students enrolled in MBA Program; based on GPA and GMAT scores 
Scholarship Award: Amount 36,000 CAD

University of Calgary

Scholarship Name: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Scholarship Eligibility: International students in a postgraduate program
Scholarship Award: Amount 50,000 CAD

University of British Columbia

Scholarship Name: Affiliated Fellowships Program
Scholarship Eligibility: International students in MASc Program
Scholarship Award: Amount 16000 CAD

University of British Columbia 

Scholarship Name: International Student Tuition Fee Award
Scholarship Eligibility: Full-Time international student
Scholarship Award: Covers Tuition fee for MASc program

Why Study Project Management Course in Canada

A few reasons to study project management courses in Canada are mentioned below:

  • According to the Project Management Institute, there will be an estimated 15.7 million new jobs there globally in the next few years. 
  • According to the Anderson Economic Group (AEG) report named Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027, the project management labor force in key sectors is expected to grow by 33%. 
  • Canada is one of the popular destinations among international students with around 5 lakhs international students in Canada in 2018 according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education. 
  • Because of the quality of education offered in Canada, there has been a 154% increase in international student enrollment since 2010. 
  • Students can work in Canada for up to three years post-graduation after getting a work permit to Canada. 


Which project management certification is best for Canada?

The best project management certification in Canada is CAPM, CSM, CSSBB, CSSGB and PMP.

Is project management a good career in Canada?

Yes, Project Management has a great career scope in Cannada. About 80% of the high performing projects require Project Managers with PMP certification.

What are the best online courses for project management?

Diploma in Project Management, Complete PMP Exam Prep Course, Applied Project Management Certificate, Bundled Course and Project Management Basic are the best online courses for project management.

How do I get a PMP certification in Canada?

You will have to apply for the course to a university or educational institution that provides the PMP certification. The application process may vary depending on the university. Contact Leverage Edu to know more about it!

We hope this article helped in clearing your doubts regarding Project Management courses in Canada. Specializing in one field needs to be backed by complete motivation and conviction. If you feel uncertain about your choice, consult the experienced mentors at Leverage Edu who can guide you in finding a career path best-suited for you.

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