Student Life in Canada

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Student Life in Canada

Student Life in Canada

Canada is known as one of the best countries as a study destination. The students in Canada enjoy various aspects of the country from its cultural diversity and friendly people to the hustling modernity and beautiful scenery. With such amazing features, students find Canada as the ideal destination to study. Let’s know about the different aspects of student life in Canada. 

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Student Life in Canada at a Glance!

Higher education in Canada is the college and university life of students. Every university offers unique opportunities for learning in the country. At university, the day usually starts with lectures and labs, tutorials, or workshops. This variety is what university life is all about, giving you a mix of learning, and doing that will help prepare you for your future career. 

  • As a graduate student in a master’s, Ph.D., or doctoral program in Canada, the day would include spending time doing research or fieldwork for the final research project, thesis, or dissertation.
  • You would be under the guidance of experts who are renowned professors, researchers, and instructors. 
  • The experience of College and university would connect you with friends and colleagues who will remain valuable contacts throughout your career.
  • There are fun activities to do like going out for coffee, going out to pubs or clubs, experiencing your city outside of school hours, or traveling around Canada during your study breaks with friends.
  • The Canadian culture is influenced by the traditions of the British and French. Canadians are fans of professional sports, with the most popular being the National Hockey League.
  • Most Canadian cities host numerous sporting events, theatrical productions, and musical performances for everyone to enjoy. 

Let’s now explore student life in Canada in much more detail!

A Welcoming Environment for International Students

If you want to live in a country with a diversified population, Canada is the place to be. People are moving to this country from nearly every part of the globe for higher studies and for establishing their careers.  Canadians, English, Scots, French, Indians and Irish are the country’s primary ethnic communities. It is estimated that there are around 1.2 million indigenous people in Canada. What makes student life in Canada more fascinating is the fact that immigrants are mostly responsible for the country’s progress, growth and development. Canada is the world’s greatest importer of human capital, attracting more immigrants than the United States. Natural population growth accounts for just around one-tenth of the total population increase in Canada each year.

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Blend of Different Cultures

Canada’s culture is a harmonious combination of social, artistic, musical, political, literary, and culinary aspects that speak volumes about Canadians. Throughout Canada’s history, European culture and customs have had an impact on the country’s culture.
Canada has traditionally been a welcome place for immigrants from all around the world. International students starting their student life in Canada may expect to encounter multicultural communities used to interacting and integrating with people from other countries; a fact that can make a significant difference in your first comfort in your new surroundings. Immigration has resulted in the fusion of many civilizations over a few centuries, and as a result, there exist communities of various cultures and religions.

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High-Quality Education 

Student life in Canada is accustomed to quality education that is delivered by world-class universities. The government believes in the importance of education and works hard to ensure that all of its young inhabitants receive the finest education possible. The Canadian government invests more in education than any other country in the world. Undergraduate degrees in Canada typically take three or four years to finish, depending on the university. Postgraduate degrees, on the other hand, typically take between one and three years to finish, depending on the sort of degree. Different types of higher education institutions in Canada include: 

  • Universities that offer research facilities and provide both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
  • Technical and community colleges 
  • Applied arts or applied science schools which grant certificates, diplomas, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees

Endless Options for Leisure Activities

Canada is known for its love for hockey, but there is much more to the country than that. The magnificent architecture, colourful art forms, fascinating theatre acts, world-renowned festivals attract celebrities, as well as numerous casinos and clubs. If you enjoy live theatre or are a night owl, Canada will never let you down. There are several choices for stress relief for those who wish to spend some free time after a long day at work.

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Food and Cuisine

Canadian cuisine extends far beyond the stereotypes of maple syrup and poutine, and the country’s French and British ancestors have resulted in a varied range of meals to suit any palate. Whether you try the classic French fare served in Quebec or the smoked meats, bagels, and tarts made famous by the country’s Jewish community, most international students in Canada are certain to discover something that reminds them of home.

Cost of Studying and Living

Students typically need between $15,000 (INR 9,03,900) and $30,000 CAD (INR 18.,07,870) per year to live a student life in Canada. This figure includes tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses. You will pay $15 CAD (INR 900) for a typical restaurant meal and around $2 CAD (INR 120) for milk or bread. Monthly transport passes are priced at approximately $90 CAD (INR 5420), and the average cost of basic utilities is $150 CAD (INR 9040) per month. 

Given below is a breakdown of the different expenses which are important to consider while calculating the cost of studying and living in Canada for Indian students. 

Living Cost in CanadaCost
Flight ExpenseINR 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees$150 (INR 11,123)
Work Permit Fees$155 (INR 11,493) 
IELTS test FeesINR 14,700
AccommodationCAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000
(INR 2,67,000-INR 5,39,000) per annum
Travel CostsCAD 80 – CAD 110 (INR 4,300-INR 6,000) per month
Health InsuranceCAD 300-CAD 800 (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)
FoodCAD 300- CAD 400 [17,508 INR-23,344] (monthly)
EntertainmentCAD 750 [43,770 INR] (monthly)

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Student Accommodation

Aside from tuition fees, accommodation costs are a significant component of student life in Canada. While many colleges provide on-campus housing, you can also live off-campus. The cost of a room or apartment can range from approximately CAD 5,000 (INR 2,67,000) to CAD 10,000 (INR 5,39,000) per year, depending on the kind. Furthermore, the cost of living in major cities like Toronto and Montreal may be greater than in smaller places. When it comes to living and staying in Canada, international students have two broad choices living on-campus or off-campus. Within these two categories, students can opt for options such as dormitories and townhouses available to students living on the campus. Off-campus options like shared apartments, single apartments, condominiums, homestays or live with host families. 

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Explore Part-Time Jobs in Canada

Student life in Canada is incomplete without exploring part-time jobs in this country. Becoming financially independent for our own expenditures is really important for an international student. Hence, part-time employment is indeed an excellent method to cover the daily living expenses in Canada. Students can also seek various part-time employment to alleviate financial stress. To be eligible to work in Canada, individuals must have a valid study/work permit and be enrolled full-time at a Canadian university. They must also be enrolled in a professional, vocational, or academic programme that lasts more than six months and leads to a certificate/degree. Without a work permit, students can also work during their winter or summer vacations, or in on or off-campus employment for 20 hours during university semesters.

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Best Part of Student Life in Canada

Being an international student in Canada comes with a number of benefits, from the countless on-campus programs for integrating students, down to the immigration programs designed to help facilitate permanent residency applications.

  • The number of international students in Canada continues to increase, and the governments and schools are putting different plans in place to enhance student life in Canada, making it easier for interested international students to work and live in the country after their programs. 
  • Most universities and colleges offer an array of programs to integrate international students into different campus communities like assisted English as second language programs.
  • A lot of schools also offer some competitive financial assistance to those international students that demonstrate high-caliber academics.

Top Universities in Canada (BONUS)

Canada is a great destination with many great universities. Some of them are listed down below:

Canada RankGlobal RankUniversity
1    25University of Toronto
2  31McGill University
3  45 University of British Columbia
4  118 Université de Montréal
5  119 University of Alberta
6  144 McMaster University
7  166University of Waterloo
8  203Western University
  246Queen’s University
10  247University of Calgary

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Your student life will be great in Canada as it is one of the best destinations to study abroad. This is all the information you need if you want to start living in Canada. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to connect with our Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 and allow them to make your dreams of studying in Canada come to reality.

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