Sweden Student Visa

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Sweden Student Visa

Sweden Student Visa

When it comes to higher education, Sweden, a beautiful and picturesque Scandinavian nation, has many degree programs and vocational courses on offer across numerous disciplines. However, if you are planning to study in Sweden, then you must apply for a student visa or a residence permit well before the commencement of your course. The Swedish visa lets you enter the country, pursue your chosen course as well as travel to and fro from the country. To make you understand the application process, the documents required, as well as the cost, we have collated all the essential details pertaining to the Sweden Student Visa in this blog. 

Types of Visa in Sweden 

Majorly, there are two types of Sweden student visas depending upon the duration of your stay. If your chosen program can be completed in a maximum duration of three months, then you have to apply for the Sweden student visa. However, for those who have enrolled in a program that is 3 months long, they have to opt for a Residence Permit. Both, the Sweden student visa, as well as residence permit, vary greatly in terms of their application, documents required, formalities. Therefore, it is compulsory for the candidates to file distinct applications for the required visa. 

Sweden Student Visa (Visa Type C)

Every international student already holds the citizenship of their native country, thus, they only need a visa if their chosen program is shorter than or is strictly limited to a duration of 3 months or days. Generally, with this type of visa, students go on to pursuing certificates, diplomas, or other short-term courses. However, in some cases and depending upon the country’s citizenship you hold, this visa can be exempted. So, to fly to Sweden without any visa, it is necessary for you to have a biometric passport of a country from the list mentioned on the official website. 

Do You Know? Sweden, like the majority of European countries, adheres to the Bologna system of education. This provides the required educational requirements for academic degrees, as well as the quality assurance of such degrees. This agreement between European states ensures that university degrees are recognized throughout Europe and on a global scale.

Sweden Residence Permit (Visa Type D)

Candidates aspiring to pursue long-term courses in Sweden opt for this type of visa or residence permit. It enables them to stay in the country and pursue a program that has a duration of more than 3 months. But to obtain the Sweden Residence Permit, it is mandatory for the applicants to be enrolled in a university and must have submitted the first installment of the tuition fee. If you abide by the aforementioned criteria, then you can apply for Sweden Residence Permit. Make sure that you have all your documents ready before you start on with the application process. 

Where to Apply for Sweden Student Visa?

Students can apply for a Sweden student visa online at the Swedish Migration Agency website or at their home country’s local Swedish embassy or consulate. If you want to apply online, the processing time will begin immediately and will be shorter because the papers will be delivered straight to the Swedish Migration Authority.

Following the submission of all required papers, you must visit the Swedish embassy or consulate in your country to be photographed and fingerprinted. After completing all of these requirements, you will be issued a residence permit card.


  • When you submit your visa application, you will be required to attend an interview.
  • Schedule an interview at the embassy by making an appointment.
  • Bring your passport and original copies of all papers, transcripts and application form (duly filled).

Visa Processing Time

Because all visa applications are forwarded to Sweden, the visa is usually processed within 90 days. However, it may take longer, and you should begin the process as soon as possible if planning to study in Sweden. In addition, a paper application takes significantly longer than an online application. As a result, students are urged to apply online.

Do You Know? The rejection rate of Swedish residence permits is 40-50% for the year 2019-2020.

Language Requirements for Sweden Student Visa 

Although foreign students can enroll in English-taught courses, it is helpful for them to learn Swedish. This will enable them to communicate with the local population and become acquainted with the local culture. English study options are provided for postgraduate and PhD degrees. Universities in Sweden accept the following English language test scores:

Documents Required for Sweden Student Visa 

As soon as you receive your confirmation from the university, you must begin with your visa application. There is no fixed duration in which one receives visa confirmation but it is always advised to start it at least 5 to 6 weeks before the commencement of your program. Here is a list of documents that you must have while applying for a Sweden student visa. 

  • A valid passport
  • A copy of the enrollment letter from the university stating your admission as well as the duration of the program.
  • A proof stating that you have paid the first installment of the tuition fee.
  • Documents stating your financial stability to manage your expenses for at least a stay of 10 months in the country. 
  • Proof stating that you will be able to pay your complete tuition fee. 
  • Academic certificate or marksheet majorly of class 10th and 12th or graduation (if applicable).
  • Documents proving that you have valid health insurance.  

Once you have all the aforementioned documents along with some others which are specifically mentioned by a chosen university, you are all set to apply for the Sweden student visa. 

Sweden Student Visa Cost 

The cost of a Sweden student visa varies according to the age of the applicant. At the current currency rate, the visa fee for a residence permit for study purposes in Sweden is SEK 1,500 (INR 13021). Students must make an online payment for the same using a Visa or MasterCard. (Credit and bank/debit cards are both accepted.) 

Note: When making an online fee payment, bear in mind that the card you’re using has the necessary amount and may be used to make overseas payments. It is best to check with the issuing bank ahead of time to ensure if this is the case.

Work After Graduation in Sweden

If you want to work or even start your own business in Sweden upon completing your course, you can extend your Residence Permit for 1 year. However, you must apply before your permit expires. What is important to note is that the permit will be issued for exactly 12 months and cannot be further extended. Furthermore, you must prove that you can financially sustain in the country during the 12 months period and should also be in possession of health insurance. To know what documents are required for extending the permit, you can visit the official website

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Tuition Fees

If you are a non-EU/EEA student, your tuition costs will vary depending on the university and discipline you pick. The annual cost of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is between 7,500 and 25,500 EUR (INR 6,62,904- 22,53,874). MBA programs, for example, can cost up to 31,000 EUR (INR 27,40,004) per year.

Top Universities in Sweden (BONUS)

University toStudy in SwedenLocationQS World University Rankings 2021
Karolinska InstituteStockholmN/A
Lund University Lund97
Uppsala UniversityUppsala=124
Stockholm UniversityStockholm=181
University of GothenburgGothenburg202
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm=98
Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg=139
Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesUppsalaN/A
Umeå UniversityUmeå=333
Örebro UniversityÖrebroN/A
Linköping UniversityLinköping=362
Karlstad UniversityKarlstadN/A


Can you work on a student visa in Sweden?

Unlike in many other countries, you can work while studying in Sweden provided you have residency permission (student visa type D). That is all you require. If you are from the EU/EEA, you can even stay in Sweden to work after finishing your degree program.

Is IELTS required for a Sweden student visa?

An international student must meet the IELTS criteria for Sweden universities in order to be admitted to the best institutions in Sweden.

Can I get PR after study in Sweden?

If you hold a residence permit for higher education studies in Sweden and have completed your studies, you can apply for a residence permit to work or investigate the possibility of starting your own business here. You can only be issued a residency permit that is good for a year.

Is Sweden good for international students?

Sweden is an excellent choice for overseas students. With over 60 Bachelor’s degrees and 900 Master’s degrees available on our portals, you may select from a wide range of English-taught study programs and fields. Other benefits of studying in Sweden include free education for EU/EEA and Swiss students.

How can international students get PR in Sweden?

You must have completed at least 30 credits of higher education or one semester of postgraduate study in Sweden. You must be provided work conditions that are in keeping with the standard in Sweden for your vocation or sector. Your pre-tax wage must be at least SEK 13,000 each month.

Hopefully, this blog about Sweden student visa has helped you gain the required knowledge about it. Securing a student visa for pursuing higher education abroad can be a daunting task, hence, we at Leverage Edu are ready to help you at every step of your application process. Reach out to our experts through an E-meeting and they will assist you thoroughly! 

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