Top 10 Reasons to Study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Top 10 Reasons to Study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top Ten Reasons to Study at MIT (1)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university established in 1851. It is ranked number one in QS World University Rankings and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. MIT offers various programs in industrial science and engineering that aim at the advancement, development and practical application. The faculty at MIT consists of top international scholars providing top-class education to students. The university’s programs aim at making entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and technical professionals through online as well as on-campus modes of teaching. If you are planning to pursue your higher education at the world’s finest university, here are the top 10 reasons to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

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Chart-Topping University Rankings

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is considered an eminent institution of higher learning and is famous for its rigorous curriculum, excellent research and outstanding faculty. The rankings that MIT has received over the years is overwhelming. 

  • Ranked 1st according to the QS World University Rankings.
  • Ranked number 4 in National Universities.
  • Ranked number 5 in best-valued schools.
  • Ranked 1st in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programmes.
  • Ranked number 2 in Business programmes.
  • Ranked number 1 in Computer Science programmes.

Did you know? The first human cancer gene discovery took place at MIT! Weinberg found the ras oncogene.

Dynamic Range of Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for educating and advancing the knowledge of its students in the field of science, engineering, technology, etc and gives competent scholars each year. Mit provides a world-class study curriculum offering various bachelor, master and PhD courses. 

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Immaculate Student Experience

Student life at MIT is a lifetime experience. Students get to choose their own dorms which are more cultured than any other university. There are mentors and counsellors on the campus that are always available for any trouble or guidance that a student might require. The children at MIT are not only academically brilliant but also culturally active and host many social events throughout the year which revolve around the fraternities and sororities.

MIT Invented the first computer in Cambridge in 1928. Which can be viewed- Whirlwind I at the MIT Museum. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Research Opportunities

MIT offers the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) which provides the undergraduates with the opportunity to get hands-on work experience and to be able to do research in the sectors of Science and technologies etc. They get to work under highly educated professors and teachers who can guide them throughout their education journey. Students can either work on the ongoing research or come up with their own ideas. MIT has many research centres and laboratories providing facilities like nuclear reactors, a computation centre, a linear accelerator, etc.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Beneficial for International Students

MIT welcomes international students to its campus and offers a multicultural environment for every individual. MIT is home to 3411 international students currently and is ranked 55th out of 1279 colleges and universities for popularity with the international students. The largest communities on the campus of MIT are from China, Canada and India. A record of 29.5 % of the total student body is that of international students, demonstrates the admiration of the foreign students for MIT.

MIT Acceptance Rate

Placement and Employability

Without a doubt, any student who has passed out from MIT lands into big companies and institutions. Over the years, MIT has earned a great reputation and relations with educational institutions and companies which helps its students to get the high paying jobs that they deserve after they have completed their education from this prestigious university.

Top-tier Faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The professors and the entire faculty are outstanding at MIT. Their first priority is to provide the best education to the students as they spend hours planning and preparing lectures withholding weekly office hours for the students. The teachers are humble and understand the concerns and troubles even outside the education sector.

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Hands-on Practical Training

As mentioned before, Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers amenities to students like labs and research centres. The facilities provided by MIT on its campus include nuclear reactors, computation centres, geophysical and astrophysical observatories, a linear accelerator, a space research centre, wind tunnels, an artificial intelligence laboratory, an international studies centre, and a centre for cognitive science. MIT even has library systems and several museums. 

MIT Finger Reader: In 2014, scientists at MIT, designed a device that helped the blind read without Braille. Wearers can use it to scan a line of text with their fingers and receive audio feedback of the words.

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Challenging Curriculum

MIT focuses on making a child successful in their future by now exposing them to a little difficult curriculum of the school which trains the minds of the students and lets them push their academic qualities to the fullest. This curriculum has made MIT the highest-ranked university in the world.

Pleasant Atmosphere at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is located in Cambridge, which is right across the Charles River in Boston and hence, the students studying at MIT get to enjoy both Cambridge and Boston. Whenever the students want to enjoy and eat they can go to places that are close to their campus and lighten their academic pressure.

These were the top reasons to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ready to pursue your dream course at MIT? Be a part of an incredible learning experience by getting in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu. Call and book your free counselling session with us to know more about the application process, scholarships and education loans to be a part of MIT.

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