Universities in Japan

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Universities in Japan

Universities in Japan

Counted amongst the best education system in the world, the Japanese model of education has inspired many countries across the globe. Further, the student-friendly culture, conducive university environment and economic powerhouses of cities make Japan a unique study abroad destination. Be it the bullet train, its noodles or gadgets, and gizmos, scores of international students around the world flock towards universities in Japan in search of quality education, research and development-orientedness, and vibrant career opportunities. In this blog, we will shed light on some of the popular educational institutes in Japan and will highlight their salient features. 

Facts about Universities in Japan

Japan is a great country to study abroad, especially when you are looking for a peaceful university. Here are some of the interesting facts about Universities in Japan: 

No. of Universities 735
Average Tuition Fees ¥535,800
Average Living Expenses ¥89,000
Working Allowance for Students 28 hours per week

Top Universities in Japan 2021

Course offerings at universities in Japan include STEM courses, social science, humanities, arts and culture, etc. These programs are highly appreciated by rating agencies like Times Higher Education and QS Rankings for their faculty, curriculum and research, and training.  More than 50 universities in Japan made it to the QS Ranking 2021 and 6 of them were under 100. Here are the top universities in Japan as per QS Ranking 2021.   

Ranking (Japan) Ranking (World) University Score
#1 #24 University of Tokyo 83.2
#2 #38 Kyoto University 78.9
#3 #56 Tokyo Institute of Technology 70.8
#4 #72 Osaka University 66.1
#5 #79 Tohoku University 64.3
#6 #110 Nagoya University 55.8
#7 #124 Kyushu University 53.7
#8 #139 Hokkaido University 52.2
#9 #189 Waseda University 44.1
#10 #191 Keio University 44

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Best Universities in Japan: Key Features

There are almost 300,000 international students pursuing degree programs in 780 universities in Japan, the top ones of which have been given a rundown below: 

The University of Tokyo

Established in the year 1877, The University of Tokyo (also known as ‘Todai’) is not only said to be one of the oldest national universities in Japan but is also counted amongst the leading research institutions according to Thomson Reuters. It boasts of 15 graduate schools, 11 specialized faculties along with research centres, library, etc which are spread across three beautiful campuses in Hongo, Kashiwa, and Kamaba. The university, which ranks 26th in QS 2021 rankings houses Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences which are world-renowned.

Campus Location Tokyo, JP, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 6
International Students 3,725
Status Public
Courses Taught Humanities and Sociology
Law and Politics
Arts and Sciences
Agricultural and Life Sciences

Globis University

Attracting students from close to 57 countries, Globis University (est. 2006) offers highly rated and industry-inclined management degree programs. Located in the heart of Tokyo, a financial powerhouse, it offers students an opportunity to indulge in quintessential Japanese culture and its magnificent art and history. Apart from the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA, the university also offers an Online MBA and a unique Pre-MBA, all of which have flexible durations and vary between 2-5 years. The Pre-MBA offers an alternative route towards obtaining an MBA qualification where students can take up to 8 online specialized courses like Marketing & Strategy, Accounting & Finance, Critical & Analytical Skills, Innovation through Virtual Teams, etc.

Ranked 1st in Japan for MBA, its online MBA program is dubbed as Asia’s 1st live online program bringing quality management-related education at the touch of fingertips. Spread across five best-in-class campuses in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka, Globis has partnered with over 100+ companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Bayer. Exchange opportunities with China Europe International Business School or Chulalongkorn Business School in Thailand, amongst others, are available. It also provides financial support through educational loans and its scholarships cover up to 50% of the tuition fees. Having an excellent track record in terms of employment statistics, 85% of the Full-Time MBA students from Globis have been employed within 3 months of graduation out of which 65% chose to work in Japan. 

Campus Location Kojimachi Station, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 6
Status Private
Courses Taught Full-Time MBA
Part-Time MBA
Online MBA

Kyoto University

Exceptionally ranked amongst universities in Japan and in Asia, Kyoto University hosts close to 22,000 students in its three branches in Uji, Yoshida, and Katsura. Education and training are imparted through 10 faculties, 19 graduate schools, and several research centres and institutes. Its illustrious alumni include not only 10 Nobel Prize winners but also 2 Field Medallists, amongst other honours. The university has been placed at the 38th position in QS 2021 rankings.

Campus Location Yoshida Campus, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 6
International Students 2,628
Status Public
Courses Taught Education
Public Health

Tohoku University

Recognized globally for its unprecedented approach towards education,  Tohoku University carries the honor of being the first university to admit female students and later to admit international students. Located in Sendai and ranked 79th in the QS 2021 rankings, it offers a historic environment to study with both, Japanese and English-based courses. Tohoku is counted amongst the few universities in Japan which are a part of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities [APRU] and has collaborated with leading universities like The University of Sydney, TU Munich and the University of California, Los Angeles, amongst others. 

Campus Locations Katahira Campus, Japan
Kawauchi Campus, Japan
Aobayama Campus, Japan
Seiryo Campus, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 5
International Students 1,872
Status Public
Courses Taught Global program in economics and management
International course in life sciences
Data science 
Basic medicine course 
International graduate program in language sciences

Tokyo Institute of Technology

A national research university established in the year 1881, the Tokyo Institute of Technology has established itself as a household name when it comes to courses in the field of Science and Technology. In particular, it offers quality education in fields of Engineering, Material and Chemical Technology, Life Science, Education and Environment through 40 specialized departments. The Institute secured the 56th position in the QS 2021 rankings.

Campus Locations Ookayama Campus, Japan
Suzukakedai Campus, Japan
Tamachi Campus, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 7
International Students 1,385
Status Public
Courses Taught Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Liberal Arts
Social Science

Nagoya University

Acquiring its current name only in 1947, after converting from Nagoya Imperial University, it has built a strong international reputation when it comes to research in the sciences. Ranked 110th in QS 2021 rankings, Nagoya University is known to provide a vibrant student culture, festivals, clubs, societies and much more. The car manufacturer, Toyota is also headquartered in the city.

Campus Location Higashiyama Campus
Tsurumai Campus
Student/ Teacher Ratio 6
International Students 1,855
Status Public
Courses Taught Humanities and Sociology
Law and Politics
Liberal Arts

Osaka University

Having originally only Medical and Science schools, Osaka University has since diversified into the field of Engineering, Economics, Public Policy, Nuclear Physics, etc, making it one of the largest universities in Japan. Its four campuses house close to 25,000 students out of which 2,000 are international enrollments. Akira Yoshino and Hideki Yukawa, both Nobel Laureates, are some of the illustrious alumni of the university which stands at 72nd position in the QS world 2021 rankings.

Campus Location Suita, Japan
Student/ Teacher Ratio 7
International Students 2,123
Status Public
Courses Taught Dentistry
Chemical engineering 
Physics and astronomy 
Natural sciences

Cost of Japan Student Visa 

The cost of the Japanese Student Visa for Short and Long stay is 3000 Yen (INR 2098). Also, the cost of the Certificate of Eligibility required for the visa application is also 3000 Yen (INR 2098).

Cost of Living in Japan

The second most crucial factor when you are planning to study abroad is living costs. These include accommodation, food, travel, recreational and other miscellaneous expenses. These costs of studying in Japan are extremely variable as they can vary as per the city, individual preferences, lifestyle and other factors. Check out the following sections to know about the average accommodation costs as well as food, utility and travel expenses you can expect while studying in Japan.

Accommodation Costs 

For accommodation costs, you can either choose on-campus or off-campus accommodation. If you are opting for dormitory accommodation by the university, then you can expect to pay around 12000 YEN/month (8300 INR) for a single room while off-campus accommodation for major cities like Tokyo can be around 60000 YEN/month (42000 INR).

Food, Utility & Travel Costs

Another unavoidable factor to consider while estimating the cost of studying in Japan are the expenses related to food, utility and travel. The average food costs can range from 800-1000 YEN and can vary depending on your preferences. For travel and transportation costs, the average expenses can be somewhere around 10000YEN/month (INR 7000) and you can also get a JR Rail Pass for 21 days which will be 60000 YEN (INR 42000) and you can avail unlimited travel on all national trains in Japan including bullet trains and buses. The utility costs can be estimated at around 18,000 YEN per month (12,140 INR).

Japan Student Visa

To enter the Japanese border as a potential student, it is necessary to have the right type of visa. You can seek two different types of Japan student visas i.e., Short Stay Visa and Long Stay Visa, depending upon the duration of your stay. To experience the diverse culture of Japan and complete your educational program, you can choose your preferred visa type from the below-mentioned table:

Japan Student Visa Duration 
Short Stay Visa  Less than or exactly 90 days
Long Stay Visa  More than 90 days

If you are planning to study short term courses in Japan which range from less than 3 months or exactly three months in duration, then you will have to apply for a short-stay visa. Commonly the students who intend to pursue a certificate diploma or language course in Japan choose the short stay visa. 

If the duration of your course is more than 90 days, then it is compulsory for you to have a long-stay visa before entering Japan. Most of the students who wish to pursue bachelor’s or master’s courses in the country, seek this type of visa and complete their stay peacefully.

Scholarships & Funding

The Japan Government, to encourage and facilitate student mobility across borders, runs scholarship schemes for Indian students interested in pursuing higher education at Japanese institutions. These include scholarships for diploma, certificate, undergraduate, masters and research level courses in technology, teacher training and Japanese language, amongst others. You can check the Embassy of Japan in India for more information. Further, several universities in Japan offer tuition fees reductions, assistantships, hostel accommodation and much more to aid candidates. 

In order to apply for universities in Japan or any other study abroad destination, the application may require you to submit test scores, letters of Recommendation [LOR], Statement of Purpose [SOP], visa documents, etc. Needless to say, completing the admission formalities can be daunting and a bit of guidance goes a long way. Consult the experts at Leverage Edu through a 30 minutes free career counselling session to get your career-related queries cleared within minutes. 

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