Universities in London for Marketing

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Universities in London for Marketing

Top Universities in London for Marketing

“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart!”- Joe Chernov. With almost every business devising smart ways to market their products, the scope of marketing has increased manifold. The need for marketing geniuses who can slip through customers’ minds and create a need for their product is higher than ever. That is why marketing courses have become one of the most sought after in London. Digital Marketing, Luxury Marketing, Fashion Branding, and much more can be learned across various universities in London for Marketing

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Quick Facts About Education in London

Before we look into the top universities that teach marketing, let’s know why you should choose to learn from universities in London for Marketing. 

  • QS World Student City Ranking has ranked London as the best student city in the world in 2021 and 2022 in a row!
  • London is the melting pot of culture with Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, Australians all studying in the same universities and living in the global city of the world. 
  • London has a vibrant student life that offers students the opportunity to visit world’s best restaurants, libraries, museums as well as global networking opportunities. One thing for sure, you can go out every night for a year and not repeat a restaurant!
  • London is bustling with networking opportunities and job opportunities. Students with different professional backgrounds communicate and often create lifelong bonds. 
  • London has been declared a graduate economy with 60% of working-age employees holding a degree. 

Applications for January Intakes are NOW OPEN across the best colleges in London

Eligibility Requirements 

Indian students are required to have the following important documents if they want to study in London starting this January.

  • An undergraduate degree with a minimum of 55% if you want to pursue masters. 
  • High school transcripts in case of an undergraduate program. 
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL).
  • Statement of Purpose- Here are some tips for your SOP.
  • Minimum 2 LORs- Check out these LOR samples.
  • GMAT/GRE in case of a graduate program.

Students wanting to join the college in London for the January intake have to start prepping for their IELTS/TOEFL test in July or August. Click here to enroll for our IELTS class!

Top Universities in London for Marketing

Home of Big Ben, London has some of the best universities for marketing and branding. Let’s have a look at all the universities and their popular marketing courses.

Universities in London for Marketing Marketing Courses
London School of Design and MarketingBA (Hons) in Marketing
MA (Hons) in Marketing
Regent College LondonBA (Hons) in Business and Marketing
BA (Hons) in Fashion MarketingMA International Fashion MarketingMA Management (Marketing)
University of WestminsterBA (Hons) in International Marketing 
BA (Hons) in Marketing Management
BA (Hons) in Marketing Communication
MA/MSc in  Marketing Management
Hult International Business SchoolMasters in International Marketing
King’s College London MSc in International Marketing
ESCP Business School MSc in Marketing and Communication
MSc in Marketing and Creativity 
MSc in Marketing and Digital Media
London School of Planning and Management MSc in Strategic Marketing
Glasgow Caledonian University MSc in International Marketing
MSc in Luxury Marketing 
MSc in Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing
University of London MSc in Marketing
MA in Marketing
MSc in International MarketingBSc (Hons) in Business with Marketing
BSc (Hons) in Marketing and Management
MSc in Marketing and Technology
MSc in Sport Marketing 

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Let’s now see what are the popular intake choices for these universities in London for marketing:-

Universities in London for Marketing Intakes
London School of Design and MarketingSeptember 2022
Regent College LondonJanuary 2022September 2022
University of WestminsterJanuary 2022
Hult International Business SchoolSeptember 2022
King’s College London September 2022
ESCP Business School January 2022
Glasgow Caledonian University January 2022September 2022
University of London January 2022September 2022

Like we can observe in the above table, a lot of the marketing courses have an option of January 2022 intake. If you are planning to study marketing in London in early 2022, this is the right time to start your application.

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Cost of Studying in Universities in London for Marketing

The tuition fee for the marketing programs depends upon the type of study (graduate/postgraduate), duration of the study and the mode of study (online/offline). The intake also matters a lot as January intakes are cheaper compared to September intakes. 

The tuition fee charged by universities in London for marketing are:-

Universities in London for marketing Average tuition fee (INR)
London School of Design and Marketing5.03 lakhs/year
Regent College London20.02 lakhs/year
University of Westminster17.44 lakhs/year
Hult International Business School37.98 lakhs/year
King’s College London 30.65 lakhs/year
ESCP Business School 22.43 lakhs/year
London School of Planning and Management 6.88 lakhs/year
Glasgow Caledonian University 18.48 lakhs/year
University of London 5.99 lakhs/year

Along with the tuition fee, the cost of living in London while studying offline can be expensive. London is the best student city but also one of the most expensive cities for international students. 

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Here is a break up of the cost of living while studying in universities in London for marketing:-

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost (INR)
Tier 4 visa 35,738
AccommodationOn-campus-51,348/monthOff campus- 1.32 lakhs/month
Travel16,431/monthly bus pass
Utilities (internet, gas, mobile bills, etc)20,530/month
Entertainment 10269/month

As you can see, the cost of living in London can be anywhere around ₹88,000 without the rent. But there’s no chance we at Leverage Edu are going to let this figure disappoint you. Read how you can cut costs as an Indian student in the UK and know how to live on a budget in London.

Job Opportunities 

Marketing is a field where job opportunities are never dead. If there is a product or a service to be sold, there has to be a marketing team responsible to drive the sales. With digital marketing taking social media and the internet by the storm, the need for specialists is ever-increasing. 

If you study in these universities in London for marketing, you can earn an average salary of ₹40.9 lakhs per year with your qualifications. 

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Is London a good city for Indian students?

Yes, London is perhaps one of the cities with most Indian students.

Can I do a diploma in marketing along with my other degree?

Yes, you can pursue a diploma from universities in London for marketing with a dual degree option. But this option varies from university to university.

Can I work in London after post-graduation in marketing?

You can work in London in a marketing position on your UK post study work visa

Are there scholarships available for studying in London?

There are ample scholarships available for Indian students to study in London.

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We know how overwhelming it can be to decide to study in London, especially when the January intake is so close. But like our motto says ‘Your dream university isn’t your dream university anymore,’ All you have to do is apply to Leverage Edu!

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