What is the Cost of Studying in Dubai?

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What is the Cost of Studying in Dubai?

Cost of Studying in Dubai

Dubai, best known for its Gold Souk, architectural monuments and gleaming desserts also has one of the best educational infrastructure in the world. It provides students with the finest education and lucrative career opportunities. In recent years Dubai has witnessed a lot of immigrant population and various top universities of the world have taken up this chance to set up their campuses in Dubai. Are you interested in studying in Dubai but want to know if it matches your budget or not? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Keep up with this blog to learn how much on average does it cost to study in Dubai.

Tuition Fees(Undergraduate programs)37,500-70,000 AED per year (Approximately Rs 7,53,750- Rs 14,07,000)
Tuition Fees(Postgraduate programs)55,000- 75,000 AED per year (Approximately Rs 11,05,500- Rs 15,07,500)
Accommodation Costs14,000- 27,000 AED per year (Approximately Rs 2,81,400- Rs 5,42,700)
Food CostsAround 908 AED (Approximately Rs 18,250)
Travel CostsMetro- 2 AED (Rs 40)- 1 zone
Taxi- 10 AED (Rs 200 roughly)-5 km
Student Visa CostUp to 3000 AED (Approximately Rs 60,300)
ScholarshipsGovernment Scholarships
College Scholarships

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Dubai?

The studying cost is not only limited to your tuition fees or accomodation cost, but it is the sum total of all different kinds of expenditures that you need to bear while studying abroad and you need to take all those into consideration to make an appropriate budget.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary according to the level of the program as well as from university to university. The average tuition fees for an undergraduate program in Dubai ranges from 37,500-70,000 AED per year(7,53,750-14,07,000 INR) and for postgraduate programs it ranges from 55,000-75,000 AED (11,05,500-15,07,500 INR).In some universities, the fees are charged to students taking 12-16 credit hours, but most universities charge on the basis of the number of credit hours of the student.

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Cost of Accommodation

There are two types of accommodation that a student can opt for- on-campus and off-campus. On-campus accommodations are usually preferred by the students as it is comparatively cheaper than living in the main city. Out of more than 63 universities in Dubai, only some provide on-campus accommodation and others have tie-ups with local hotels to provide accommodation to students at a cheaper rate. On-campus accommodation will cost you around 14,000-27,000 AED (2,81,400-5,42,700 INR roughly). On the other hand, if you opt for private accommodation you will have to bear more costs. On an average private accommodation will cost you ranging from 70,000 – 100,000 AED (14,07,000-20,10,000 INR roughly). It will probably cost you cheaper if you opt for a shared apartment.

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Food Costs

Food costs are an essential part of your expenditure while planning your living costs. It goes without saying that food costs vary according to your meal preferences, but if you buy your food from local groceries and go out sometimes then you can expect your average food cost to be around 908 AED per month(18,250 INR).

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Travel and Utility Costs

Usually, international students prefer public modes of transportation as it is the most viable option specially for students in terms of cost and efficiency. The most affordable kind of transport in Dubai is the metro and the average fare is 2 AED(40 INR) for one zone.students between the age of five and twenty three can also apply for a discounted fare NOL Blue Card for public transport use which includes Dubai Metro. You can apply for the card either online or offline. You can also opt for private taxis but it will be much costlier than the public means. A private taxi will cost you around 10 AED for a 5 km trip. If you have a good budget with you then you can also look at the option of a hired car which costs around 600 AED per week(12,060 INR). 

Student Visa Cost

A student visa is necessary to be able to study in UAE. Generally, you need to have a sponsor for your visa that may be a friend or a relative. However, you can also apply without a sponsor. Dubai offers its students with a student residence visa for only one year at a time, but it can be renewed further. The application cost for a student visa will cost upto 3000 AED(60,300 INR roughly) and a deposit of 1,000 AED( 20,100 INR) is also required.


We know that Dubai can be an expensive country to study, but the city never disappoints those who wish to study there. After learning about the average costs of studying in Dubai, your next step should be looking out for different kinds of scholarships. Here is a list of different kinds of scholarships that you can avail in Dubai-

Government Scholarships

  • The Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarships.
  • The David L. Boren Scholarships.

College Scholarships

  • The Marie Wright Scholarship for Non-Traditional Locations
  • The American University in Dubai
  • The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowships
  • William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Scholarships

Other Scholarships in Dubai

  • Financial Hardship Scholarship 2021
  • Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • HH Sheikh Hamdan Scholarships
  • The Indian High School Dubai Scholarships

Hope this blog of ours helped you get acquainted with the different costs involved for studying in Dubai. If you’re still confused about anything regarding your studies, reach out to our experts at  Leverage Edu to get assistance in choosing the perfect course in your dream university!

The post What is the Cost of Studying in Dubai? appeared first on Leverage Edu.