200 One Word Substitution with Examples

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200 One Word Substitution with Examples

One Word Substitution

What is One Word Substitution? One Word Substitution simply means using a specific word replacing a wordy phrase or sentence and making it shorter, concise and clearer to understand. This way, the word becomes identical with the sentence thus providing the same meaning as the wordy sentence. The best way to master this concept is to learn their meanings by putting them in a particular sentence or visualising them through an interesting story. One word substitution questions frequently occur in many national-level exams such as SBI PO, UPSC, CAPF, CDS, RRB, SSC etc.

Read this blog to find 200 one word substitution with examples as well as practice questions and quiz for competitive exams.

How to Solve One Word Substitution?

Before checking on the examples for One Word substitutions, let’s see how to solve them. These can be solved by identifying its ‘root word’ or core meaning and then identifying the prefix and suffix. Many words like Anthropology come from the root word anthrōpos which means humans (Here ‘Anthro’ is the prefix and ‘ology’ is the suffix). Hence anthropology means the study of humanity. To gain mastery in understanding root words, you should be familiar with the etymology and linguistic of the words.

Did you know? ‘ology‘ is the most common suffix in science which means “a branch of knowledge”. (Example: Psychology, Biology).

Another common suffix is “cracy” which comes from the Greek word “kratia” which means “rule or government”. (Example: Autocracy, Democracy)

Why Do We Need One Word Substitutions?

One word substitutions are important as they make communication of the English language much more concise, lucid, and easy. People can remember words and communicate bigger meanings through a simple word. For example, saying “She is someone who puts forth an idea which she herself doesn’t believe” is much harder as compared to just saying “She is a Hypocrite”. One word substitutions make our sentences more precise and reduce complexity. These substitutions also help us to classify words based on the suffixes which makes it easy to categorize them and put similar words together.

200+ One Word Substitution with Examples

There are different categories of One Word Substitution:

  • Study-related
  • Terms-related
  • Group/Collection
  • Government/Political Systems-related
  • People/Person
  • Profession/Occupation
  • Science/Research
  • Killing/Death-related
  • Sound/Event/Spots

Here is the complete list of 100 One Word Substitution for competitive exams:

Study-related One Word Substitution with Examples

Study-relatedOne Word SubstitutionExamples
Study of StarsAstronomyI love this book on Astronomy.
Study of statistics is known asDemographyThe demography of the whole town’s population has been mapped.
The study of ancient writing and scripturesPaleographyThese three university professors have been immersed in the research and study of Paleography for over a decade.
The study of rocks and soilGeologyMy Geology homework is not going to be completed by the final submission date.
The ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher’s stone. The medieval version of the study of ChemistryAlchemyThe magician wanted to learn Alchemy to master some ancient spells.
The study of evolution of mankindAnthropologyAnthropological research helps us trace our civilization.
The study of Human MindPsychologyI am really interested in studying Psychology and how the mind works.
The practice of writing dictionariesLexicographyShe works in the Lexicography department of the publishing house.
The study of plantsBotanyHer interests in plants motivated her to pursue this course in Botany.
The study of rocks and soilsGeologyDo I need to study Geology before going rock climbing?
The study of languagesPhilologyHow many languages does Philology covers?

Group/Collection-related One Word Substitution

Group/CollectionOne Word SubstitutionExamples
A group of sheepFlockI saw a shepherd down the hill with a flock of sheep.
A family of young animalsBroodMr. Styles like spending hours bathing the brood of horses in the stable.
A number of people travelling together in a big van or jeepCaravanA caravan of hippies just passed by.
A series of starsConstellationThis constellation looks like a burger!
A large group of peopleHordeA horde of college students were gathered around the voting booth.
A temporary police forcePosseJake went to arrest the criminal with his posse.
A group of cattle or sheepHerdKeep your herd of cows in the backyard.
A number of fish swimming togetherShoalI saw a shoal of mackerel on that side of the river.
A group of worshippersCongregationThe congregation will happen at St. Mary’s Church at 4pm tomorrow.

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Person/People-related One Word Substitution

Person/PeopleOne Word SubstitutionExamples
The one who loves mankindPhilanthropistHe became a renowned philanthropist after joining Buddhism.
The one who looks at the brighter side of everythingOptimistLouis has always been the biggest optimistic person I know.
The one who looks at the negative/dark side of everything. PessimistI am always on the edge of becoming a total pessimist.
The one who does not believe in God.AtheistI am neither an Atheist nor a religious person.
The one who eats human fleshCannibalThe police caught these cannibals from the jungle.
Someone who regards the world as their countryCosmopolitanGlobalisation will give rise to more cosmopolitans.
The one who loves good food and knows a lot about itGourmetI could have been a Gourmet if I liked spicy food!
Someone who lives in solitudeRecluseI want to become a recluse after I retire.
Someone who speaks more than one languagePolyglotI took up Turkish to become a Polyglot.
A person who boasts of one’s achievementsEgotistShe saw him as a thoughtless egotist.
People who can vote in an election: ElectorateLast year’s electorate comprised of many first-time voters.
A person who loves himself the mostNarcissistJohn is a narcissist and will never love anyone else but himself.
A person who draws mapsCartographerA cartographer can help you find the right way through a complex forest land through his mastery of maps.
A person who abandons his religionApostateWatching his daughter die of cancer made Steve become an apostate. 
A person was appointed to settle a dispute between two partiesArbitratorIn their final judgement, the jury presented that it is necessary for the parties to have an arbitrator to reach mutual consent.
The one who knows everythingOmniscientHe is such a know-it-all but he is not an omniscient.
The one who is all powerfulOmnipotentWe often stereotype a superhero as an Omnipotent but it’s important to have some flaws to make them human.
The one who is present everythingOmnipresentTechnology has become synonymous with omnipresent nowadays.
Someone who is eighty years old.OctogenarianMy grandpa is an octogenarian.
The one who settles in another country.ImmigrantIt isn’t easy being an immigrant in the USA.
Someone who cares about mankind.HumanitarianShe is known for her humanitarian efforts.

Profession-related One Word Substitution

Person/PeopleOne Word SubstitutionExamples
Someone trained to travel and operate a spacecraft.AstronautKalpana Chawla is one of the greatest women astronauts.
The one who makes maps or chartsCartographerWe need a cartographer to decode these cryptic maps.
Someone who sells or grows flowers or studies or writes about flowers.FloristHarry is my favorite florist and I like how he gives unique facts about what every flower symbolises.
Someone with a beautiful handwritingCalligrapherI started as a calligrapher and then became a tattoo artist.
The supervising person during an examinationInvigilatorThe invigilator is too lazy to even check the students in the back.
Someone who presents or hosts a radio showRadio JockeyA radio jockey needs to have brilliant communication skills.
Someone who choreographs dances attuning certain sequences of steps and movements along musicChoreographerCan you find me a wedding choreographer?
Someone who is the custodian or the keeper of a museumCuratorI like being a curator as I get to meet artists from different parts of the world.
A person who doesn’t like humankind devoids himself of human societyMisanthropeGrinch wasn’t the mean-spirited misanthrope most of us took him to be.
A person who collects coins as a hobbyNumismatistAs a Numismatist, I have a huge collection of currencies from almost all the countries around the world.
Someone employed to drive a hired carChauffeurThe chauffeur will come by 4 pm to the venue.
Someone who walks by foot.PedestrianThis side of the road is for Pedestrians.
Someone who is reserved and shy.IntrovertI like being an introvert and I am happy with a small social circle.

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Terms-related One Word Substitution

TermsOne Word SubstitutionsExample
Indefinite period of timeAeonThose days became boring, aeon and too long to pass.
Appreciation of beauty, by a set of principles.AestheticsI found this website quite appealing especially because of its aesthetics
Spartan snowstorms with uncontrollable winds BlizzardOn our way back to the hotel, we got caught in a blizzard.
An eccentric manner of livingBohemianShe felt embarrassed when her friends made fun of her bohemian clothing.
Huge fire for celebrationBonfireThe campers spent their night by the bonfire.
Dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in potsBonsaiHer room was filled with bonsai plants
Huge fire for celebration BonfireThe campers spent their night by the bonfire.
Dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots BonsaiHer room was filled with bonsai plants.
The remote regions of a country which are far away from the riversHinterlandHer cottage was situated in a hinterland deprived of any beautiful scenery.
Complex situation or a mix-upImbroglioThe romantic imbroglio happened when he met my landlords assuming they were my parents.
Make someone feel youngRejuvenateThis exfoliating scrub can completely rejuvenate your skin.
Not showing enough care and attentionRemissI realised that she was totally remiss in finishing her daily tasks.
A shelter for a DogKennelOur new pup spent all his day hiding inside the kennel.
Where wild animals live: LairI found a hidden lair in the forest but was too afraid to go inside it.
A place where coins are madeMintThis industrial facility is actually a mint which manufactures coins.
Ordinary and DullMundaneI am bored with the mundane life of the quarantined days.
Published after someone’s deathPosthumousMr Smith’s posthumous works brought him an immense number of accolades.
The profession of teaching or the approach or style of teachingPedagogyIt was his unique approach to pedagogy that made him every student’s favourite.
The symbols of royalty RegaliaThe queen was adorned in full regalia.
A political system solely based on the government of men by GodThearchyThe village was ruled by the system of thearchy.
A person promises to tell the truth in courtOathI couldn’t disrespect the oath and thus revealed everything.
Beginning to exist and evolveNascentBiotechnology bloomed from a nascent sector to a booming industry.
Ethically good behaviour one hasVirtuePatience is seen as the virtue of a man.
Humour that describes the weaknessesSatireGhasiram Kotwal is an incredibly written satire on the political scenario of Maharashtra in the early 20th century.
Changing the direction of one’s path suddenlyVeerHe veered the car in the other direction as the deer came in the way.
Enjoy something for an extended timeSavourDon’t forget to savour this delectable wine!
Someone who is wrongly blamed for things that others have doneScapegoatThey used him as a scapegoat to accuse him of the whole conspiracy
Space where animal hides are tannedTanneryThe leather for this coat has been skinned in the tannery.
Determined to achieve somethingTenaciousShe was tenacious enough to chase after her dream of becoming a film actor.
The sound of Parrots: ScreechI woke up to the screeching of birds by the window.
Using a word or name that is inappropriateMisnomerIt’s quite a misnomer to call it a victory since he scored the lowest marks in the test. 
A government that has a monarch as the head  MonarchyWith a king ruling the country, the Monarchy is different from a democracy.
The sound of CamelsGruntIn the vastness of the desert, the only sound you can hear is the constant grunting of camels from far away.
Events manifested by festivitiesFiestaLast night’s party was a total fiesta.
The ranting of a personWhineAakriti is always whining about the weather.
People who are extremely poorDestituteAjay grew up in a destitute existence.
Absolute freedom to act as one wishes: Carte blanche
Her mother gave her carte blanche to follow the career path she wants to.
A person who is unsure about God’s existence: AgnosticThough he was raised in a conservative Hindu family, he remained agnostic most of his life.
Extreme physical or mental sufferingsAgonyHe fell to the ground in agony.
Japanese form of self-defense with the usage of locks holdsAikidoHe has mastered Aikido and his next goal is to learn Kung fu.
A soldier who fights for the sake of moneyMercenaryYou are a mercenary and you kill people with any guns!
An accolade or honour bestowed in recognition for an achievement: LaurelShe enjoyed the laurels of her acting achievements.
A person who behaves without moral principlesImmoralLying is completely immoral even if it is done for a good purpose.
Charging a politician with a serious crimeImpeachTrump was impeached recently but it didn’t really affect his position as the president. 
Government instructions that limit trade in some way EmbargoWith the danger of virus hovering over the whole world, an embargo on international trade was mutually decided upon.
Believer of fateFatalistI am fatalist for I believe that our destiny has already been written.
Loves being social and enjoys the company of others GregariousGurleen is a gregarious girl and we often call her the social butterfly of our class!
Trees grow without underbrush.GroveThis garden is filled with beautiful groves that amazingly complemented the tall trees
An office with high salary but no work SinecureAfter listening to the perks that Seema has at her office, Vishal assumes as if she works at a Sinecure. 
A person who betrays and descents and organisation or countryRenegadeIt is currently flashing in the news that a renegade policeman shot three innocent people. 
One who is much concerned about details and accuracyFastidiousVirat is fastidious about his hair. He makes sure that he visits the salon at regular intervals. 
A place for storage of arms and ammunitionArsenalThe officer informed the soldier about his new posting in Arsenal.
One who is expelled from a religious communityExcommunicateHis misconduct at the previous religious gathering led to his ex-communication. 
A person who eats too muchGluttonAs soon as the guests left, Riya didn’t miss a chance to call our cousin glutton.
Something which can be copiedImmitableAs the captain’s approach for the finale was imitable, he is still called a legend.

Killing-related One Word Substitution

Killing-relatedOne Word SubstitutionExamples
When someone kills their own fatherPatricideJean was arrested for patricide.
The act of killing a kingRegicideThe monarchy fell with the regicide.
The killing of a person by anotherHomicideHe went to jail on the charge of homicide.
The killing of one’s childFilicideThe police filed a report about filicide that happened in the C block.

Top 40 One Word Substitution Asked in Competitive Exams

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One Word Substitution Sample Questions

Now that you have understood the concept of one word substitution, let us sample some sample questions so that you develop a strong command over it!

Q1. An individual who is unable to express or interact easily

A) Extrovert
B) Introvert
C) Ambivert
D) None of the Above

Q2. A stream of water moving very fast

A) Current
B) Tide
C) Torrent
D) Storms

Q3. Shikha spends a lot of money on clothes. Her cousins call her a:

A) Frugal
B) Economical
C) Miser
D) Spendthrift

Q4. Asmita works really hard for the upliftment of poor children. She even donates half of her salary to NGOs. She is:

A) Philanthropist
B) Selfish
C) Tightfisted
D) None of the Above

Q5. It is impossible to see through it.

A) Translucent
B) Fragile
C) Opaque
D) Transparent

Q6. Aman is really scared of thunderstorms. He suffers:

A) Acrophobia
B) Ophidiophobia
C) Nephophobia
D) Astraphobia

Q7. She caught the robbers

A) Courageously
B) Frightened
C) Cowardly
D) None of the above

Q8. Lalit has a good knowledge of Music. His father calls him:

A) Incompetent
B) Amateur
C) Maestro
D) Beginner

Q9. After attending a career counseling session, he understood that his ____ was cooking:

A) Niche
B) Supplant
C) Replacement
D) None of the above

Q10. You can’t park your truck here. It is:

A) Lawful
B) Allowed
C) Unauthorized
D) None of the Above

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C

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