Check How Students From Nigeria Study in UK Universities For Cheap!

Check How Students From Nigeria Study in UK Universities For Cheap!

There’s no better time to live in a new country than when you’re a student.

Being an international student not only gives you access to earn a quality education, but also allows you to immerse yourself in new cultures and gain worldly life skills. The best part is you can study abroad with even a low budget, especially if you choose the right school and make some money-saving life choices. Find out how you can affordably study internationally with an online search.

There is no shortage of schools in the U.S., UK and Canada to choose from.

Search online now to compare universities and find a program that can help meet your academic goals.

How to Minimize Costs

Attend School in a Less Expensive City

Aside from your flight, the most expensive part of studying abroad will be your living costs. Everything from housing to transportation to utility costs will vary from place to place. For instance, choosing major cities like London or Toronto will cost a lot more money compared to living in smaller towns outside those cities.

That being said, make sure you compare the cost of living before committing to a school. Do your research and find out what the average costs are for everything from food to internet. Living costs add up and you could save a lot more money by opting for less expensive cities to study at.

Get a Part-Time Job

It’s normal for post-secondary students in North America and the UK to have a part-time job while studying full-time. Working a maximum of 15 hours per week can help pay for expenses and maybe some extra spending money. Plus, working part-time can also expand your resume and help you meet new people outside of campus.

Some universities may even have part-time jobs available to students who want to work on-campus, like at the bookstore or as a tutor.

Live Off Campus

You don’t have to live on campus to have a fulfilling college experience. Instead, you can live off campus and save money. Dorm rooms are more expensive, in general. By living off campus, you can save money on expensive meal plans that students are required to pay while living in dorms.

There are furnished apartments and rooms that are much more affordable than dorm rooms on-campus. Search online to find students looking for roommates or resources designed to help students find housing in the university area.

Cook at Home

It can be tempting to order take out for dinner or visit your local coffee shop every day. However, those costs add up, so you might want to make more of an effort to cook at home.

You can save by shopping for groceries and meal planning throughout the week. Also, invest in a good coffee maker and you will be less tempted to drop $5 every day on something you can make just as good at home.

Sign Up for Student Discount Cards

There are many perks to being a student. One great perk is how many discounts are available. You can sign up for student cards that save you money on things like food, clothes, insurance, and much more.

Most cards have a one-time fee that gives you access to the discount. For instance, the ISE Card provides discounts at museums, attractions and transportation around the world. Another option is the ISIC Card, which gives you discounts on airfare, technology, food, and entertainment.

Universities to Consider

University of British Columbia

International Enrollment Cost: INR 5.2 Lakh to INR 22 Lakh

More than 18,000 international students from 166 countries study at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Canadian school has been ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world.

UBC has two main campuses. One is in Vancouver, while the other is in the Okanagan Valley.

University of Toronto

International Enrollment Cost: INR 4.2 Lakh to INR 30 Lakh

With over 980 programs of study and 90,077 students enrolled, the University of Toronto is one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions. Out of the entire student body, there are 23,019 international students, which come from 159 countries and regions around the world. Its programs are offered at respective campuses located in downtown Toronto, Scarborough, and Mississauga

Dalhousie University

International Enrollment Cost: 
INR 4.5 Lakh to INR 9 Lakh per term

Located on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia is Dalhousie University. It offers over 200 programs, which is the largest selection of courses in Atlantic Canada. More than 20,000 students attend the university’s three campuses in the heart of Halifax.

Leeds Trinity University

International Enrollment Cost: 
INR 9.8 Lakh to INR 12.4 Lakh

Leeds Trinity University has been providing student-centered higher education for more than 50 years. Around 97 percent of graduates at Leeds find employment or pursue further study 15 months after graduating.

London Metropolitan University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 10.3 Lakh to INR 14 Lakh

Those looking to study in a bustling city should consider attending London Metropolitan University. It’s a diverse school with 147 distinct nationalities represented among the student body. The campus is located in the heart of London, which is ranked the best city in the world for university students.

University of Cumbria

International Enrollment Cost: INR 7.8 Lakh to INR 16 Lakh

Rated in the top 10 schools for developing business leaders is the University of Cumbria. The school has campuses across the UK in Lancaster, Carlisle, Ambleside, and London. Around 96 percent of grads are employed within just six months of graduating from one of the many career-focused programs.

Western Michigan University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 19.4 Lakh

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Western Michigan University has an international student population of 8.3 percent, in which over $6.4 million have been awarded to international students from 2015 to 2016 alone. Along with a choice of 256 undergrad and grad programs, you can immerse yourself in close to 400 student organizations and 32 sports clubs on campus.

University of Minnesota Morris

International Enrollment Cost: INR 17.7 Lakh

Those looking for a small-town university experience will like the University of Minnesota Morris. The campus is in Morris, around two and half hours west of Minneapolis with a population of just 5,400 people. There are 34 majors and 35 minors to choose from, as well as over 120 student organizations.

Rice University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 36.7 Lakh

Deemed one of the best private universities in the U.S., Rice University is a campus with over 300 acres of land in Houston, Texas. It has a student to faculty ratio of six to one, which gives students plenty of opportunity to learn from leaders and establish connections. When you’re not in class, join one of the many communities on campus through social events, intramural sports, and more.

Learn More About International Study Online

There are endless schools to choose from if you want to study abroad. The U.S., UK, and Canada all have schools that are ready to welcome its international students and help you earn a quality education.

To find a program you’re interested in, start an online search. You can browse class catalogues and learn more about any fees related to international studies. Compare what each school has to offer and apply to your top choices today.