Belgium Visa

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Belgium Visa

Belgium Visa

Belgium’s healthcare system, low unemployment rate and higher quality education attract thousands of Indians who wish to migrate here. Interestingly, India’s relationship with Belgium can be traced back to when a group of Gujaratis from Palanpur went to Antwerp to work in the diamond community. Now, the country, known for its mouth-watering chocolates, accommodates 7000+ Indians who are working or studying on a Belgium Visa. It comes with a lot of flexibility and comfort if you follow the immigration rules and regulations properly. Home to major political movements, this country provides numerous opportunities to all aspirants. Let’s explore more about the Belgium Visa for students and workers. 

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Belgium Visa for Students

Indian students who wish to study in Belgium have to apply for a Belgium Visa for students, also known as Belgium Student Visa from the nearest Belgian Consulate in your city. Once you receive your Belgium Visa to study in the country, you are fit to fly to Belgium and later apply for a residence permit. This will allow you to stay in Belgium for longer for your higher education. 

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Eligibility for Belgium Student Visa

To be eligible for the Belgium Student Visa, you must be accepted by one of the universities before you apply for the same and have paid the registration fees. Otherwise, your visa application will be rejected. In case of your visa rejection due to other reasons, this registration fee is refunded by the university. Additionally, make sure that you must have the following documents and other requirements to get a Belgium Visa for students: 

  • An Indian passport that is valid for another year with at least 2 pages empty for the new visa.
  • Passport size photos with a white background
  • Proof of acceptance from any Belgian university 
  • Proof of financial support (You must have sufficient funds to cover your healthcare, accommodation, living expenses and tuition fee)
  • A medical certificate certifying that you are fit to fly to Belgium without any infectious diseases like Tuberculosis. 
  • A police certificate from a nearby Indian police station confirms that you are over the age of 21 and haven’t been convicted before.
  • Previous educational transcripts (high school certificates, secondary school certificates and bachelors’ degree if applying for masters)
  • Belgian university application form 
  • Statement of purpose as to why you have chosen the particular university and course.

Note: Belgium Immigration and Consulate do not accept any of the above documents in languages other than English, French, German or Dutch. If your high school passing certificate is issued in Hindi, please get it translated by a legal translator, attested by concerned bodies before you apply for a Belgium Visa. 

Application Process of Belgium Visa

The stepwise process of applying to the Belgian Consulate within your vicinity for a Belgium Student Visa is given below:

  • Receive your Letter of Acceptance

After you have been accepted by your choice of university, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of tuition fee from your university. Before you apply for the Belgium Student Visa, make sure you have no pending interactions or transactions before admission to your university. 

  • Apply for Belgium Visa 

You can fill the online application form on the Embassy and Consulates of Belgium and India’s website. Submit this application form along with all the supporting documents and an application fee at your nearest VAC (Visa Application Centre). In 3-4 weeks, you will be notified about your status and called for an interview. Once you successfully pass the interview, the Visa will be issued to you in 2-3 weeks. 

  • Fly to Belgium and Get Your Residence Permit

The Belgium Student Visa or the Type D Visa is only valid for 90 days. If your course is longer than that, you have to apply for the residence permit to the local municipal office or town hall within 8 working days to avoid delay.

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Belgium Visa for Work

There are 3 types of Belgium Visa for work professionals/immigrants who wish to settle here and establish their career. The working professionals can apply for the following Belgium Visa types depending upon their duration of work or stay:

Visa TypeDescription 
Type AThis Visa allows you to work for an unlimited period for a salaried job. This permit can be applied for after renewing your Type B visa for at least 4 years.
Type BThis Belgium Work Visa allows you to work for 1 year in Belgium. If you change your employer, you have to apply for the permit again.
Type CThis Visa allows you to work for 1 year in Belgium with as many employers as you want.

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Eligibility for Belgium Work Visa?

The Immigration Department has put down a list of people who are eligible to apply for a single work permit to work more than 90 days that are:  

  • Skilled worker with higher educational qualification
  • Managers or professionals working in a higher management position 
  • Professional athlete, coach or referee
  • Entertainer 
  • Holder of the European Blue Card
  • Postdoctoral fellow with research work
  • Journalist, specified technician 

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Application Process for Belgium Work Visa

The employer in Belgium has to apply for a work permit for workers for you if he intends to employ you in his/her company. A list of all the essential work documents (for employee and employer both) are listed down below: 

  • Employment contract by the employer stating his right to employ foreign nationals
  • Employer and immigrant’s valid passport and travel documents
  • Proof of identity that the immigrant is not below the age of 18
  • Offer letter stating that the job has been accepted by the immigrant
  • Immigrant’s medical tests and proof of health insurance
  • Police certificate provided by an immigrant that proves that he has never been convicted

Note: The employer has to compile all the documents and also prove that he is paying the fee. The job of an employee seeking to work in Belgium on a Belgium Work Visa is only to provide all the essential documents to the employer in exchange for the job offer letter. Please be careful and do a thorough check on the employer before submitting your documents to him. The employer will also file your residence permit for you to stay in Belgium while you work. Once the Belgian work visa is sent by your employer, you can fly to Belgium.


The cost of applying is different for a Student Visa and a Work Visa. The table given below shows the cost break up of the Belgium Student Visa in Euros and INR:

Type of FeeAmount 
Visa application fee/ Handling Fee€180 or INR 15,563
Service Fee INR 1200

For the Belgium Work Visa, all the costs and fees applying for a single work permit is paid by the employer. The cost of applying for a Belgium Work Visa is somewhere around €366 or INR 31,635.

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Reasons for Rejection

The Immigration office rejects student visa applications from India for various reasons to protect any doubtful immigrant from entering Belgium. A few of the reasons why your Belgium Student Visa might get rejected are:

  • If your name is involved in any criminal activity in the past
  • False documents have been submitted for a Visa
  • You haven’t explained sufficiently why you want to study in Belgium
  • Passport is damaged or expired 
  • Lack to prove your travel (no flight tickets or accommodation booked)
  • Insufficient proof of funds for your stay and living 

Note: The above list of reasons for rejections of a Belgium Student Visa can be implied on a Belgium Work Visa as well.

We know how a visa rejection can be disheartening especially when you have a letter of acceptance from the top universities in Belgium. If you feel the reason for rejection is wrongly stated, you can write a letter to the embassy or consulate convincing them otherwise. This was all about the Belgium Visa for students and workers. We hope that the given information will help you to apply for your Visa to study or work in Belgium. Wish to study in Belgium? Call our Leverage Edu experts on 1800572000 and they will help you to make you land at your dream university. Your one inquiry may take you to the next flight to Belgium!

The post Belgium Visa appeared first on Leverage Edu.