BTech in Canada – Universities, Scholarship, Cost & More

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BTech in Canada – Universities, Scholarship, Cost & More

Btech in Canada

Do you know Engineering is one of the most commonly opted degrees in Canada? BTech in Canada is highly recognized all over the world because of the top of the class engineering institutions in the country. Btech is also known as Bachelors of Applied Science or Bachelors in Engineering in Canada. The engineering courses in Canada ensure the quality of education and make their students well equipped with the necessary skills in the present day market. Read this blog further to understand everything in depth related to BTech in Canada.

Why Study BTech in Canada?

Canada offers students some of the best engineering universities in the world4 engineering colleges were ranked in the list of top 50 global universities for engineering programs worldwide by the QS World Rankings. Here are some reasons to study Btech in Canada: 

  • Canada is a student free place which provides the students with a lot of diverse population, thus providing excellent networking opportunities and the opportunity to learn from each other since everyone belongs to a different background.
  • As already mentioned above, the return on investment is much higher than any other country without compromising on the quality.
  • There are plenty of scholarship opportunities available for students in Canadian universities.
  • Canadian job market is growing at a rapid pace and job prospects for engineers are excellent in the country. Most of the sectors of engineering are projected to grow by the year 2025 and with this growth a lot of job openings are also predicted in the field.
  • With the excellent job prospects for engineers in Canada, salary prospects for engineers are pretty good too. During the period of 2016-19, salaries of engineers have grown by almost 10% in Canada.

Top Engineering Specializations in Canada

With various options for students to choose from, the courses for BTech in Canada are designed to provide unique skills and knowledge in the specific course. the following are the top specializations for BTech in Canada.

  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Engineering

Eligibility for BTech in Canada

  • Candidates must have passed the 12th grade from a recognized board.
  • Candidates must have studied mathematics and science in their high school.
  • English language proficiency scores such as IELTS/TOEFL, etc.
  • Entrance test scores such as scores of SAT/ACT. Even if the scores are not required by the university, candidates should submit them as it makes the comparison and selection process more easier.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs) 

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Top Universities for BTech in Canada

Here is the list of best universities in Canada for Indian students: 


The average annual fees for an Undergraduate Engineering course from Canada could be $12,000 to $50,000 approximately, depending on the course and university. The annual tuition fees for international students in the top Canadian universities are tabulated below.

UniversityProgram Fees (INR)
University of Toronto234,720
University of British Columbia184,964
McGill University183,296
University of Waterloo218,400
University of Alberta158,000
McMaster University199,764
Queen’s University196,104
Western University165,248
University of Calgary161,808
University of Ottawa323,204

Cost of Studying BTech in Canada

Affordability is one of the major reasons why students prefer to pursue their BTech from Canada. Canadian universities charge much lower tuition fees than other countries. The average tuition fees for BTech in Canada ranges between 40,000-70,000 CAD (INR 22,80,000- INR 39,90,000 approx).

Accommodation costsINR 28,500
Transportation costsINR 5,700
Food costsINR 11,400
Entertainment costsINR 5,000
Pre-arrival costsINR 11,400
TotalINR 62,000

Note- All the costs mentioned above are just a rough estimate and not accurate values.

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Scholarships Available for studying BTech in Canada

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • McGill Entrance Scholarships
  • Engineering Entrance Awards
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Admissions Scholarship
  • Entrance for International Students for University of Waterloo

Career Prospects after BTech in Canada

As already mentioned above, engineers have a lot of excellent career prospects in Canada. BTech graduates from Canada can either go further for MTech or can go for a job. There are a lot of options available for students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in engineering in Canada.

As for the job prospects, the job market in Canada is at a great stage right now for engineers. BTech from Canada is recognized worldwide and holds a lot of value which can help you grab your dream job at your dream company. The most popular fields of engineering in Canada are mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Here is a list of popular job opportunities after BTech in Canada-

  • Associate Engineer
  • Acoustics Engineer
  • CAD Designer
  • Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Biochemical Engineer 

Salary Insights

An average salary post the completion of the BTech ranges between 130,000-170,000 CAD (INR 74,00,000- 96,00,000). However, the salary varies from country to country and the average salary in India might vary between INR 6 lakh p.a- INR 15 lakh p.a.The employment and salary prospects are really great in Canada and are even better if you complete your post-graduation in engineering.


What is BTech called in Canada?

Btech is also known as Bachelors of Applied Science or Bachelors in Engineering in Canada.

How much does it cost to become an engineer in Canada?

It costs around 40,000-70,000 CAD to become an engineer in Canada.

Is Canada cheap to study?

Studying in Canada is much more affordable than in many other countries. Students can also avail themselves of the many scholarships available.

We hope that this blog was able to help you clear all your doubts regarding pursuing BTech in Canada. Still, wondering about how to go about the whole process? Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts to get complete guidance every step of the way and get admission in your dream university. Sign up for a free session with us now!

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